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    Motor Pool NCO

    • I took on the role of the 526th Motor Sergeant on numerous occasions, improving man hour accounting and effectively utilizing the company’s maintainers with less than a 15% loss of man hour time.
    • I successfully turned in two delinquent Preventive Service Discrepancy (PSD) reports and repaired transmissions and wiring harnesses for two vehicles that had been Non-Mission Capable for over a year, showcasing my capabilities as a skilled mechanic.
    • I conserved shop resources by ensuring efficient and economic use of supplies and materials, effectively sustaining the mission while reducing costs.
    • Displaying exceptional versatility, I served as both the Motor Sergeant and Maintenance Control Sergeant on multiple occasions, effectively handling complex tasks and responsibilities.
    • Through expert management skills, I trained Equipment and Repair Parts Specialists while simultaneously supervising Field Maintenance mechanics, demonstrating effective leadership and mentorship.
    • I supervised the completion of over 300 work orders while maintaining an overall Operational Readiness Rate of 98% on over 500 pieces of equipment, ensuring high readiness levels within the unit.
    • In preparation for duty, I facilitated the completion of 38 scheduled services in just 11 days, setting a company record and showcasing my efficiency and dedication.
    • During Annual Training, I responded to 12 vehicle breakdowns and successfully repaired and restored all of them on-site, including engine and transmission replacements.
    • I consistently received outstanding ratings on no-notice inspections by the base vehicle officer as the vehicle control NCO, reflecting my exceptional performance in ensuring compliance and readiness.
    • I won the 3rd Infantry Division Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME) for the unit, highlighting my outstanding contributions in maintaining high standards of maintenance.
    • I drafted and submitted a research analysis to TACOM, addressing discrepancies in MRAP technical manuals and logistical stock number errors within the class IX system, showcasing my attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
    • I single-handedly produced a comprehensive shop stock supply listing for M-ATV and MAXXPRO parts, significantly reducing Non-Mission Capable (NMC) time to less than 24 hours.
    • I achieved a score of 290 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge and demonstrating my commitment to physical fitness.
    • With exceptional physical stamina and endurance, I worked 18-hour days in extreme climate conditions, motivating my Soldiers through direct hands-on involvement and mentorship.
    • I created a personalized workout program that enabled me to lose 30 pounds over the course of one year, showcasing my dedication to personal health and fitness.
    • Through my insight and technical expertise, I enabled the unit to successfully log 100 missions and cover 190,000 miles during the first quarter of deployment (OEF 10-11), contributing to mission success.
    • In the absence of an established Forward Operating Base (FOB) fuel program, I initiated a retail fuel package that pumped over 60,000 gallons of JP8 to Shindand customers and transient units, ensuring operational fuel availability.
    • I created an efficient, professional, and dynamic shop environment that Soldiers took pride in, sustaining operations during OEF 10-11 for two units and five Field Service Representatives (FSRs).
    • I supervised the only Shindand fuel team conducting refuel operations outside the wire, strategically supporting Special Forces units in the fight.
    • By mentoring a junior Soldier, I revitalized a Communications Section and ensured the tracking and maintenance of critical equipment for Gun Trucks and line haul assets.
    • During OEF 10-11, I instituted a training program that utilized Field Service Representatives (FSRs) to train Soldiers within the Battalion on M-ATVs, MAXXPROs, CREW, BFT, and SAMS-1E systems, enhancing their proficiency and readiness.
    • I effectively managed class IX expenditures of $1 million per quarter for critical parts required for newly fielded MRAPs, maintaining strict accountability of turn-ins under exchange pricing.
    • I played a crucial role in the turn-in of 15 tons of unallocated equipment during the Divisional Marne Sweep, ensuring proper accountability and asset management.
    • As a Government Purchase Card holder, I researched and procured critical items, immediately improving the quality of life during OEF 10-11.

    91B30 Senior Mechanic

    • I tracked and managed 93 motor pool assets required for US Government (USG) operations in Zagan, Poland, and Germany, providing safe and reliable transportation support to several USG units.
    • I aided the company in maintaining an equipment readiness rating of 98.8% for five consecutive months, surpassing the DA standard by eight points.
    • I enforced strict adherence to OSHA and environmental regulations, fostering a safety-conscious environment and ensuring compliance with global standards.
    • Aggressively managing shop activities, I successfully completed 32 scheduled services during holiday seasons and high op-tempo taskings, despite limited manning, funds, and equipment.

    Motor Pool NCO

    • I met and exceeded my responsibility to ensure the unit won the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME).
    • I consistently excelled with COMET inspections scores of 97% and above, contributing to a unit readiness of 99% for vehicles and equipment.
    • Through effective training of Soldiers and NCOs, I built a sustained and successful scheduled maintenance program, enhancing readiness and mission effectiveness.
    • I successfully executed motor pool operations for multiple units, ensuring the operational status and readiness of all assigned assets.
    • Despite the lowest maintenance budget in 20 years, I kept all 11 HMMWVs, 6 ASVs, 6 LMTVs, and 1 HEMTT wrecker mission-capable, showcasing my ability to maximize resources and maintain readiness.
    • I oversaw daily production control and all logistical operations in the TASMG Motor Pool, going above and beyond my normal duties.
    • I met all mission requirements, keeping all vehicles operational, with no support from Fort McCoy, relying solely on the minimum parts that could be carried in our contact truck.
    • I maintained battle readiness for over 100 up-armored vehicles, ensuring the quick reactionary force was always prepared for any mission.
    • I provided higher headquarters with detailed weekly reports on the status and disposition of every item of equipment assigned to the TASMG Motor Pool, ensuring accurate accountability and visibility.
    • I successfully executed motor pool operations for multiple units, effectively completing 190 work orders and maintaining high operational readiness.
    • I ran motor pool operations and maintenance for multiple units, maintaining the Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) reporting above 90%.
    • Through expert management skills and technical superiority, I enabled the CSH to achieve the highest level of mission readiness.
    • I dispatched contact teams on a daily basis to repair multiple vehicles, successfully recovering 188 mission-essential vehicles and ensuring operational continuity.
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