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    Thomas Dearborn
    • July 10, 2023
    • 5 min read

    Command Driver

    • Entrusted with the responsibility of the section’s six-wheeled vehicles, maintenance, and five additional drivers, and performed above his level of experience, ensuring the mission readiness of the vehicles and equipment.
    • Gained the trust of the protocol office to escort Distinguished Visitors, facilitating successful visits of three high-ranking officials.
    • Served as a driver for the Mentor Team, facilitating the integration of the unit and supporting their mission.
    • Demonstrated a high level of competence and professionalism as a driver for the Command, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for Command personnel.
    • Ensured the round-the-clock mission readiness of the vehicle, weapons, and all assigned equipment, contributing to operational readiness.


    • Provided safe transportation for all local units to the range, ensuring the timely arrival of personnel and equipment.
    • Assisted with blocking for the convoy, ensuring the cohesion and security of the convoy members.
    • Aided other squad members in performing Preventive Maintenance Service Checks on six-wheeled vehicles used for Port Mission, ensuring their serviceability.
    • Reacted swiftly and effectively when an IED damaged his truck, preventing injury to passengers and maintaining mission continuity.
    • Responded quickly and on short notice to assist in common task training, weapon training, driver training, and sergeants time training, supporting the unit’s overall readiness.
    • Successfully completed multiple Bradley Gunnerys and a rotation to NTC (National Training Center) as a driver, demonstrating proficiency in vehicle operations and combat scenarios.
    • Conducted security operations in Ninawa Province, contributing to the development of a persons of interest database and maintaining a low level of hostile actions in the area.
    • Adapted quickly to driving the Maxxpro Plus series MRAP with a mine roller, increasing the effectiveness of Counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) efforts during Operation New Dawn.
    • Played a crucial role in patrolling Darulaman, Afghanistan, as part of the Quick Reaction Force, ensuring the safety and success of the operation HQ.
    • Demonstrated exceptional performance during PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) on the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, earning recognition from Battalion leadership.
    • Fulfilled the role of both driver and Truck Commander, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the crew while navigating challenging terrain.
    • Traveled over 7,000 accident-free miles and seamlessly transitioned to serve as the gunner on an M240B platform when necessary, adapting to evolving mission requirements.
    • Displayed tireless devotion to the safety and well-being of the Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion Soldiers, as the Battery Master Driver.
    • Drove over 10,000 kilometers across terrain strewn with explosive remnants of war (ERW) on security and support missions for the STT (Security Transition Team).
    • Led multiple convoys and navigated effectively, contributing to the successful delivery of soldiers to live-fire zero range and qualification ranges.
    • Volunteered to conduct driver training and coached newbies on local conditions and convoy operations, resulting in a decline in vehicle losses.
    • Contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 49th’s Annual Training in support of the Nellis Test and Training Range.
    • Demonstrated exceptional knowledge and experience with both garrison and combat operations, making him a valuable asset and the 293rd MP Co’s best driver.
    • Conducted effective daily inspections of assigned vehicles, ensuring their readiness and availability for mission requirements.
    • Showed the team how to back up tractor-trailers and perform docking procedures, ensuring the delivery of cargo during a labor negotiation strike.
    • His knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the success of the PSD (Personal Security Detail) team’s mission.
    • Meticulously maintained his assigned vehicle to 10/20 standards, ensuring readiness to respond to mission requirements at a moment’s notice.
    • Trusted with issuing and receiving JP8 and MOGAS (Motor Gasoline) and maintaining a fuel point at a classified Forward Operating Base (FOB).
    • Maintained security during 20 missions to and from the Djibouti and Doraleh ports in Djibouti, Africa, protecting valuable Navy equipment and cargo.
    • Logged thousands of miles under challenging weather conditions, delivering soldiers safely throughout the post to training locations.
    • Her expertise with the Palletized Loading System (PLS) and ammo handling contributed to the safe delivery of various types of cargo for field training exercises in support of the 15th Field Artillery.
    • Trained, tested, and licensed 90 soldiers, ensuring that all company soldiers were properly licensed for their assigned vehicles.
    • Executed over 40 Class V (Ammunition and Explosive) missions, demonstrating dedication to supporting effective training.
    • Assisted 4th Tank Battalion with vehicle cleaning during African Lion 2012, enabling timely exfil (exfiltration).
    • Contributed to the successful completion of over two hundred transport missions, supporting the operational needs of the unit.
    • Utilized composite risk management in all aspects of the program, ensuring safety and mitigating potential hazards.
    • Provided transportation for critical mission capabilities during theater operations, supporting thousands of warfighters.
    • Provided security and contributed to a successful helicopter recovery in the Maywand province of Afghanistan.
    • His maturity and experience have made him the go-to driver for the largest and newest pieces of equipment in the unit’s inventory.
    • Kept the commander’s vehicle up to 10/20 standards during a National Training Center rotation, ensuring its readiness for mission requirements.
    • Led his team to maintain full mission capability without missing any missions due to his foresight, preparation, and mechanical expertise.
    • Provided countless hours of maintenance and guaranteed mission success while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq.
    • Created a company master driver Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on his personal time, contributing to standardized practices and efficient operations.
    • Safely delivered over $10,000,000 worth of class VII cargo to the shipping port for deploying units in Afghanistan.
    Thomas Dearborn
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