Telephone Control Officer (TCO) Appointment

(Your Organization office symbol here) (Current Date)

MEMORANDUM FOR Fort Hood Network Enterprise Center, ATTN: Transmission Branch

SUBJECT: Telephone Control Officer (TCO) Appointment Orders

1. Effective the date of this memorandum, the following individuals are appointed as Telephone Control Officer for: (List your Organizational unit here FORSCOM, 1CD, 3BCT, 3-8CAV)


TCO Name Rank Phone Enterprise E-Mail
Doe, Jane A. MSG 254-555-1212 [email protected]
Doe, John F. GS11 254-555-1222 [email protected]

2. Buildings in TCO AR: 13, 14, 422, 2204, 4443, 4444

3. Unit Identification Codes (UIC): WJK1BA

4. G6/S6 for (immediate supervisor if civilian/contractor) for TCOs named above: SFC [email protected] 254-123-4567

5. Authority: AR 25-13, DTD 25MAR13: 1-4 g.1(d); 2-1 I; 3-5 8(c) 3-5 a.(10). AR 25-1, DTD 04DEC08: 6-1(2). DA PAM 25-1-1, DTD 25OCT06: 10-3.f; h; 10-3(3)h, 10-3(3)j (1)-(4)

6. Purpose: To perform Telephone Control Officer (TCO) duties as directed by applicable regulations, policies, and doctrine referenced in paragraph 5.

7. Period of Appointment: Twelve (12) months from memo date. Requires annual renewal or as TCO changes occur.

8. Special Instructions: This duty assignment SUPERCEDES all previous appointments.

9. Point of Contact for this action: [email protected] 254-123-4567

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