Senior Mechanic Duty Descriptions

Role of Senior Mechanic

As a Senior Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic in a combat support Military Police Company, this individual supports USARPAC. They provide technical guidance to subordinates who perform field and sustainment maintenance on 100 pieces of wheeled, material handling, and ground support equipment. They establish priorities, create work schedules, supervise work flow, and monitor repair procedures. They are responsible for determining the serviceability and disposition of defective assemblies and subassemblies. Moreover, they directly oversee the health and welfare of five Soldiers and ensure the accountability and serviceability of MTOE property valued in excess of $XXX,XXX.

Role of 63B Senior Mechanic

In the position of Senior Mechanic in a Medium Transportation (POL) setting, this individual assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, training, discipline, and morale of three NCOs and 16 Soldiers. They provide supervision and technical guidance to their subordinates. Their duties include organizing and performing maintenance on 35 M1088 systems and 6 M1114 HMMWVs. They are also responsible for the accountability and serviceability of one M984A1 HEMMT Wrecker and two Recovery Crews. Their role encompasses providing technical expertise for direct support level job repairs.

Role of Maintenance Supervisor/Senior Mechanic

This individual serves as the Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor and is responsible for managing a multi-functional Combat Support and Sustainment Battalion. They supervise the development and preparation of operations information and related data to ensure proper logistical support and technical assistance. They contribute to staff development and data systems and provide mission guidance to one subordinate NCO. Additionally, they assume the role of a senior Mechanic for 4,215 Soldiers, assisting in planning, training, deployment, and redeployment operations at the Battalion level. They are responsible for the training, health, welfare, and discipline of one Soldier and one NCO.

Role of Maintenance Supervisor/Senior Mechanic

In the role of Senior Maintenance Supervisor for a PATRIOT battalion that provides counter air and missile defense while protecting critical operational assets in support of the PACOM Commander, this individual manages the required training for 90 maintainers. They oversee the servicing of over 380 pieces of rolling stock and ground equipment valued at over $20,000,000. Their responsibilities include coordinating the maintenance workload, ensuring quality control of jobs within supporting organizations, directing the flow of repair parts, and maintaining continuous communication with the six field maintenance teams (FMT) supporting the battalion to ensure proper logistical support and technical assistance.

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