Respect & Equal Opportunity Ncoer Bullets

  • Advocated for equal opportunity and fairness; fostered a productive and harmonious work environment.
  • Acknowledged and promoted time-honored standards of military courtesy.
  • Ignited a sense of camaraderie within his platoon.
  • Encouraged equal opportunities throughout the entire platoon.
  • Devoted to the unit’s mission.
  • Practiced just and equitable treatment of all soldiers.
  • Supported the Army’s EEO/EO program.
  • Consolidated his cell, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced morale.
  • Offered advice while remaining loyal to the final decisions made by superiors.
  • A collaborative team player who exhibits immense pride in the unit.
  • Loyal, dedicated, and reliable Non-Commissioned Officer.
  • Demonstrated a professional demeanor in all circumstances, being an asset to any unit.
  • Taught that a divided squad leads to a divided Army, endangering the safety of all.
  • Instilled a spirit of teamwork in his soldiers.
  • His exemplary personal conduct, both on and off duty, fostered genuine leadership, rapport, and trust.
  • Encouraged honest and open dialogue, resulting in mutual respect and up-to-date situational awareness.
  • Utterly professional and expects the same from his soldiers.
  • Prioritizes the Army above personal concerns.
  • Takes immense pride in supporting all her soldiers.
  • Collaborated harmoniously and effectively with others.
  • Cultivated an atmosphere of interlocking trust.
  • Believes in fairness as a guiding principle, not just a directive.
  • Is an integral member of the team, demonstrating pride in the unit.
  • Completely devoted to the unit, mission, and soldiers, serving as a credit to the NCO Corps.
  • Handles situations firmly and fairly, unparalleled in promoting harmony and teamwork.
  • Loyal, truthful, and impartial.
  • Displays unwavering dedication and loyalty to the chain of command, unit, and mission.
  • Strives for collective effort in accomplishing assigned tasks.
  • A committed team player who nurtures esprit de corps.
  • Devoted to team goals over individual personalities.

Needs Improvement

  • Undermined the authority of supervisors and subordinates by failing to show proper respect to leaders and subordinates.
  • Failed to fulfill the leadership’s intent for positive and appropriate EO practices.
  • Needed to maintain consistency in leadership style and observe formality when in the presence of soldiers.
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