Rescheduled Training (RST) Policy

  1. References:

a. AR 135-91, Service Obligations, Methods of Fulfillment, Participation Requirements, and Enforcement Procedures, dated 14 March 2016. b. AR 140-1, Mission, Organization, and Training, dated 20 January 2004. c. AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program, dated 28 June 2013. d. AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, dated 6 November 2014.

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this RST (Rescheduled Training) Policy is to provide guidance to unit members within the 18th Medical Command (Deployment Support) (MEDCOM (DS)) on the steps to follow when they are unable to attend Battle Assembly/Multiple Unit Training Assemblies (MUTA) and wish to request an alternate date, site, or an excused absence.
  2. Applicability: This policy applies to all personnel assigned or attached to the 18th Medical Command (Deployment Support) (MEDCOM (DS)).
  3. Policy:

a. Soldiers who have not completed or taken steps to complete tasks for deployment readiness will only be allowed to reschedule training (RST) under limited conditions. Approval for RST requests is at the discretion of the HHC Company Commander. The following tasks must be completed to be considered for RST:

(1) Current Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) in the system of record MEDPROS. (2) Current Annual Dental Exam in the system of record MEDPROS. (3) Current and workable Family Care Plan (completed or in satisfactory progress). (4) Compliance with Mandatory Training Requirements.

b. Soldiers must comply with the unit’s body composition program and weigh in monthly. Soldiers on the body composition program will only be allowed to RST under limited conditions.

c. Soldiers must have a passing Record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) within the last 12 months. Soldiers without a current passing Record APFT or who have failed will only be allowed to RST or receive an excused absence under limited conditions.

d. Soldiers must not be flagged for any miscellaneous adverse actions. Soldiers flagged for adverse actions must have prior approval from the Company Commander to RST or obtain an excused absence.

  1. Process for Requesting RST:

a. Soldiers and their first-line leaders must fully complete RST Request Forms prior to submission for approval by the Company Commander. The standard form should be used, and digital completion with Common Access Card (CAC) signatures is encouraged.

b. The request is submitted to the first-line leader, who verifies the Soldier’s compliance with the requirements listed in section four of this policy memorandum and checks for any additional military requirements due from the Soldier.

c. The first-line leader, in coordination with the Soldier, determines the work plan and dates for the Battle Assembly make-up. If the Soldier plans to RST at the unit, specific dates and times should be provided in writing to the Unit Administrator.

d. The request is then submitted to the Company Commander for approval.

e. Soldiers must submit DA Form 1380 (Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training) within 10 business days of completing the RST to be reimbursed for the duty. DA 1380s may be emailed or hand-carried to the unit.

  1. Requests may be denied if the Soldier does not meet the above guidelines, and the Soldier may receive an Unexcused Absence (U). Requests must be received and approved by the Company Commander no later than the Monday prior to the scheduled Battle Assembly period. Requests received after this deadline are subject to denial.
  2. RST dates must not be more than 60 days prior to or after the scheduled Battle Assembly dates.
  3. RSTs for mandatory Battle Assemblies/MUTAs will be closely reviewed, unless the Soldier is performing other military duty such as Temporary Duty (TDY) or Annual Training (AT) orders.
  4. The point of contact for this memorandum is the HHC, 18th MEDCOM (DS) Commander at (808) 787-4733.


  1. RST Request Form
  2. DA Form 1380 (AUG 2018)


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