Recommendation for Commendation

  1. Commendation Request for Cadet Staff Sergeant Ian Sanford

a. I am submitting a commendation request for Cadet Staff Sergeant Ian Sanford. His conduct consistently surpasses the expectations for Cadets of his grade and position. Notably, he exhibits exceptional readiness, passion, skill, and knowledge, setting a remarkable standard among his peers.

b. On December 30, during an incident at the shoot house, a support beam collapsed due to strong winds, causing building instability and the garage door to collapse onto a supporting wall. Responding swiftly and effectively, I took immediate action by clearing the front rooms near the beam and securing the front of the building. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, I entrusted Cadet Sergeant Sanford with the crucial task of ensuring accountability for the Cadets present. In a matter of minutes, Cadet Sanford provided precise details about the numbers and locations of the Cadets within his platoon.

c. When receiving a directive from Dr. Robert Montague, I delegated movement responsibilities to Cadet Sanford. He quickly and safely guided all Cadets under his care to the rear of the building, keeping them away from harm. Displaying exceptional leadership, he further delegated accountability tasks to junior personnel. During this critical moment, Cadet Sanford encountered a challenge from another Cadet. With admirable tact, respect, and authority, he addressed the situation by explaining that he was following orders and then provided purpose, direction, and motivation to empower the Cadet in accomplishing his assigned mission.

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