Provost Marshals Office (PMO) Duty Descriptions

Provost Sergeant

As a Provost Sergeant and MP Operations NCO, you play a vital role in supervising and supporting police operations, detention operations, security, and mobility support on the battlefield. You are responsible for maintaining installation security and conducting law and order operations. This includes operating police desks, implementing crime prevention measures, and maintaining an evidence room. Your expertise in preparing operations plans and orders in military police detachments ensures the effective coordination and execution of missions. Additionally, you are responsible for the welfare and professional development of six NCOs and 23 Soldiers, providing them with guidance and support to excel in their roles.

PMO Operations Sergeant

As the PMO Operations Sergeant at Camp As Sayliyah (CAS), your role is crucial in providing assistance and advice to the Area Support Group-Qatar commander. You oversee and manage a wide range of law enforcement activities, including criminal investigations, physical security, access control, high-risk personnel protection, and biometric identification programs. Collaborating with various federal, state, local, international, and host nation law enforcement agencies, you ensure effective coordination on policing, force protection, and community engagement missions. With a focus on the safety and security of personnel on CAS, you provide around-the-clock support to protect the camp and its inhabitants.

Vermont National Guard PMO

As the Vermont PMO, your responsibilities encompass overseeing security-related issues, such as antiterrorism, force protection, and security. You serve as the liaison between the Vermont National Guard and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, sharing information and coordinating efforts. Your role involves reporting and documenting criminal activity within the National Guard and responding to and documenting sexual assault allegations. Additionally, you oversee National Guard resources required to support civilian authority events and provide assistance to civilian law enforcement agencies with investigations and reports as needed.

Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO)

In your role as the Desk Sergeant for the Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO), you are responsible for conducting law and order operations in support of joint operations on Patch Barracks in Vaihingen, Germany. Your primary objective is to provide a safe and secure environment for military and civilian employees and their families. You maintain communication with local host nation law enforcement agencies to stay informed about engagements involving members of the military. You also collaborate with the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Judge Advocate General, and local law enforcement when reports are made, ensuring proper support and investigation. Additionally, you provide protective services for Distinguished Visitors and Dignitaries, ensuring their safety and security during their visits.

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