Property Book Officer (PBO) Duty Descriptions

Property Book Officer

As a Property Book Officer, your primary responsibility is to oversee the supply management and accounting of a significant number of property items. You are entrusted with managing approximately 11,000 pieces of property valued at $78 million. This includes developing and enforcing an effective supply discipline program, maintaining accurate property records, conducting assistance visits and inspections, and providing guidance to hand-receipt holders on supply requirements and procedures. Additionally, you coordinate turn-ins and lateral transfers, schedule and monitor monthly inventories, investigate losses, and initiate FLIPL (Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss) actions. Your role also involves supervising the return of equipment to the Army inventory, ensuring proper accountability and compliance with regulations.

Property Book Officer (PBO)

In your role as a Property Book Officer, you provide oversight of the property management program for a specific unit or organization. This includes reviewing policies related to property records and determining their applicability. You make recommendations for updated property management policies as needed. Assigning property to Primary Hand Receipt Holders (PHRH) using automated property hand receipts, maintaining appropriate supply levels, scheduling inventories, and managing Hand Receipt Holder Accounts are all part of your responsibilities. Ensuring the accurate and timely maintenance of all accountable property records and maintaining records for leased, loaned, and borrowed equipment are crucial aspects of your role.

Property Book Officer

As a Property Book Officer, your main focus is administering the facility property management program within the assigned Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) Area of Responsibility (AOR). This involves managing the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) and coordinating efforts with the forward Property Book Officer of the 12th CAB to synchronize CSDP activities. You schedule inventories of Hand Receipt Holder Accounts, maintain records of all leased, loaned, and borrowed equipment, and ensure accurate tracking of all equipment transfers into and out of the Property Book. You utilize the Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) system to account for all non-expendable property items. Additionally, you request, receive, and issue non-expendable property to Primary Hand Receipt Holders.

Property Book Officer (PBO)

As a Property Book Officer, your responsibilities revolve around managing the accountability of all unit equipment and supplies. You review and evaluate operations, anticipate needs, and analyze data to make recommendations that ensure proper accountability. This includes developing budgets and purchasing new inventory to meet operational requirements. Maintaining an effective supply discipline program, coordinating with Item Managers, Fielding Teams, and other logistics agencies, and processing and following up on transactions are crucial aspects of your role. Additionally, you schedule and conduct inventories to ensure adequate supply levels and collect and return worn-out and damaged supplies and equipment as necessary.

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