Physical Security Officer (PSO) Duty Descriptions

Senior Physical Security Officer

As the Senior Physical Security Officer, you assume the role of the primary security point of contact. Your main responsibility is to ensure that assets are adequately protected in accordance with security plans. You provide oversight for all ongoing and future security projects, ensuring that protective measures are implemented consistently and in a fiscally responsible manner. Evaluating security plans, you assess the adequacy of security policies and practices. Additionally, you conduct preliminary investigations for security discrepancies and make determinations on security incidents, ensuring timely and proper reporting. You also interact with security personnel both within and outside the organization.

Physical Security Officer (PSO), Visitor Access

In your capacity as the PSO specializing in Visitor Access, you play a crucial role in developing and managing access controls for the facilities. You evaluate and approve visitor access, as well as key card access to security areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted access. Coordinating access for high-level visits and short-term subcontractors, you maintain control over access permissions. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining alarm access authorization lists, tracking the issuance of keys, and serving as the facility’s point of contact for detailed work scope approval and oversight of locks and combinations. Performing key inventory is also part of your duties.

Physical Security Officer (PSO)

As the Physical Security Officer for the facility, you serve as the security point of contact. Your responsibilities include authorizing camera and recording permits in accordance with policy, issuing temporary permits as needed, and delivering physical security presentations. Conducting physical security surveys and self-assessments, you identify any weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. Your extensive security experience and situational awareness enable you to address complex security issues and determine the most appropriate methods and techniques for resolving security problems. Furthermore, you coordinate activities with the PSO Lead to ensure smooth operations and effective security measures.

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