Personal Courage Ncoer Comments

  • Fearlessly spoke up during Commander’s call, identifying overlooked support for deployed members and enhancing the deployed checklist and support system.
  • Expresses candid opinions while upholding high standards in accordance with Army Regulations.
  • Rejects conventional answers that may lack a comprehensive perspective and instead freely provides fact-based information.
  • Demonstrates unwavering determination and loyalty, exemplifying Army values through actions.
  • Voices tactful yet honest opinions in all circumstances.
  • Possesses the moral courage to express opinions honestly and without reservation.
  • Exhibits unwavering determination and loyalty, steadfastly standing by personal beliefs.
  • Displays the courage to speak the truth and presents views logically and patiently.
  • This NCO is forthright in speech and fearless in battle.
  • Demonstrates strength of character, pride, and professionalism.
  • Enforces Army regulations impartially and consistently.
  • Firmly stands by convictions without wavering.
  • Recognizes the significance of contributions and willingly offers opinions when necessary.
  • Subordinates personal pride and reputation, insisting on further discussions to ensure mission success.
  • Stands up for personal convictions without hesitation.
  • Exhibits moral courage to consistently choose the path of righteousness.
  • Demonstrates exceptionally high standards of behavior, serving as a model soldier and an extraordinary leader.
  • Advocates for the well-being of both soldiers and oneself.
  • Fearlessly addresses sensitive issues and understands the importance of embracing the truth.
  • Always open and forthcoming when answering questions or expressing opinions.
  • Possesses strong moral principles and personal values.
  • Demonstrates moral courage by standing up for what is right.
  • Actively seeks out new and challenging responsibilities.
  • Upholds the principles of righteousness and justice.
  • Exemplifies total professionalism and expects the same from subordinates.
  • Defends positions even in the absence of support from peers or superiors.
  • Exhibited strength of character, pride, and professionalism while consistently voicing honest opinions in all circumstances.

Needs Improvement

  • Failed to deliver the scheduled SHARP presentation as required.
  • Neglected to report incidents of sexual harassment in the shop.
  • Made immoral and unethical decisions despite receiving multiple offers of assistance from the unit.
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