Orderly Room Duty Descriptions

Orderly Room NCO

As the Orderly Room NCO, you hold a critical role in overseeing all enlisted personnel actions for the 194th Brigade. This includes managing Interstate Transfers, Inactive National Guard processing, Conditional Release processing, Hardship Discharge Requests, Promotions, Reductions, Intrastate Transfers, and MOS actions. Additionally, you serve as the NCOIC for boards, responsible for the acceptance and review of Enlisted Promotion Packets and ensuring the quality control of Enlisted Boards. To efficiently carry out these responsibilities, you supervise a team of two Soldiers and one civilian.

Orderly Room NCO

In your role as the Orderly Room NCO, you are entrusted with the responsibility of providing personnel and administrative support for over 30 Soldiers. Your duties encompass processing, reviewing, and coordinating all actions related to administrative matters and military awards. You play a key role in screening and updating promotion packets for semi-centralized Promotion Boards. Moreover, you establish and maintain unit Alert Rosters, as well as track, coordinate, and schedule APFT, weapon qualifications, and required training for Soldiers in the Platoon. Additionally, you handle the issuance of unit patches and unit supplies.

Orderly Room Clerk

As the Orderly Room Clerk, your primary duties involve reviewing Soldier in- and out-processing and conducting birth month audits. You are responsible for maintaining military personnel files, medical and dental records, as well as preparing and typing all correspondence. Your role includes scheduling and processing annual evaluations and managing unit morale programs. You handle the processing of all requests for promotions, OCS, awards, and decorations. Furthermore, you are responsible for answering phones, logging and tracking leave requests, passes, and all other administrative requirements. You play a vital role in posting changes to Army regulations and other publications.

Orderly Room NCOIC

In your capacity as the Orderly Room NCOIC, you provide essential administrative support for the Company. Your responsibilities involve managing the day-to-day office operations and serving as a liaison between the company and the Battalion S1. You diligently track all administrative actions between the Battalion and the company. Additionally, you oversee the day-to-day calendar for the Company leadership, draft meeting agendas, facilitate meetings and conferences, and maintain electronic and paper file systems. You are responsible for routing contracts, invoices, and documents as required. Furthermore, you provide recurring counseling and rating for two Soldiers and one civilian.

Training NCO

As the Training NCO, you assist the Orderly Room NCOIC with various aspects of training, qualification, and readiness. Your role entails coordinating, scheduling, and tracking all training for company Soldiers and civilians. You monitor training status and forecast any shortfalls, producing monthly and quarterly training reports. Additionally, you brief higher headquarters on the training status on a monthly basis. You serve as the unit’s representative at Battalion and external meetings related to training. Your proficiency in MS Excel and Word allows you to develop, update, and produce administrative documents.

Operations NCO

As the Operations NCO, you provide valuable support to the Orderly Room NCOIC in daily and recurring operations as required. You assist with coordinating ranges, obtaining ammunition and weapons, and conducting barracks room and vehicle inspections for personnel going on leave. Your involvement extends to assisting with various training activities such as APFT, weapons training and testing, CTT, SRP, PAI, and CIP. Furthermore, you play a crucial role in providing keys and building access to employees and visitors. You also contribute to the planning and execution of Promotion and Change of Command ceremonies by forecasting, planning, and executing these events.

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