This page lists examples of NCOER bullets that are appropriate for the categories on the NCOER. To contribute bullet comments

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Guidance on Army NCOER Bullet Comments

Excerpts extracted from the Unofficial DA PERSCOM NCOER Preparation Guide

According to DA PAM 623-3, bullet comments should:

  • Be concise, brief, and straight to the point. Ideally, they should not exceed two lines, preferably just one, with no more than one bullet per line.
  • Commence with verbs or possessive pronouns (such as “his” or “her”); the use of personal pronouns like “he” or “she” is acceptable. When describing performance or contributions, it is advisable to employ the past tense.
  • Be double-spaced and preceded by a lowercase letter “o” to indicate the beginning of the comment. Unless it is a proper noun that is typically capitalized, each bullet comment should commence with a lowercase letter.

When the rater records bullet statements on the NCOER, they must align with the indicated rating: Excellence, Success, or Needs Improvement. Below are examples of comments illustrating these decreasing levels of performance.


Surpasses established standards, demonstrated through precise instances and tangible outcomes; extraordinary and exceptional, achieved by only a select few; notably superior to the majority. Examples:

  • Attained the Physical Fitness Badge, symbolizing exceptional fitness levels.
  • Qualified the entire squad as experts with both the M-16 and M-60 firearms.
  • Earned the prestigious Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB), showcasing exceptional expertise.


Meets all prescribed standards; the majority of ratings are at this level; highly competitive for educational opportunities and promotions; the objective of counseling is to elevate all NCOs to this level. Examples:

  • Demonstrates a willingness to share experiences, consistently imparting knowledge to fellow soldiers.
  • Displays a continuous commitment to personal improvement, successfully completing three subcourses during the rating period.
  • Actively coaches and participates in the company softball team.
  • Implemented a comprehensive cross-training program for the section under their command.
  • Maintained a deadline report with only one tank overdue for a total of 10 days in the past 11 months within their platoon.

Needs Improvement

Fell short of meeting certain standards. Examples:

  • Frequently lacked awareness regarding the whereabouts of subordinates.
  • Exhibited the highest rate of missed deadlines in the company due to apathy.
  • Demonstrated insufficient endurance/stamina to complete company runs.
  • Unprepared to conduct formal training on three occasions.
  • Failed to meet APFT standards for the two-mile run and sit-ups, resulting in a total score of 148.

The following NCOER bullet comments serve as examples of Excellence, Success, and Needs Improvement. Excellence bullets should distinctly describe performance that surpasses the ordinary and can be quantified. They should be supported by specific examples and measurable results.

Examples of Success Bullets

  • Chosen to represent at the DA level in the Phillip A. Connelly competition.
  • Maintained 100 percent accountability of all property during change of command inventories.
  • Successfully completed over 60 hours of military correspondence courses during the rating period.
  • Sergeant’s Time briefing book recognized as the standard for the battalion.
  • Exhibited unwavering commitment to the quality and timeliness of awards, NCO-ERs, and OERs, utilizing expertise to achieve a 100 percent processing rate.
  • Devoted extensive after-duty hours to revise lesson plans, ensuring students receive the latest course material.
  • Motivated three soldiers to compete in the Division NCO of the Year competition.
  • Selected as the NCOIC for the Preventive Dentistry Course, surpassing five more senior NCOs.
  • Ranked 3rd out of 20 recruiters in mission accomplishment, showcasing exceptional competence.
  • Participated in the brigade-level NCO of the Quarter Board, securing second place among seven NCOs.
  • Improved supply reconciliation of overdue documents by 66 percent, demonstrating expert knowledge of ammunition procedures.
  • Developed and supervised a comprehensive company Force Protection Plan for an overseas deployment, resulting in zero incidents or compromise.
  • Commended by the Kenyan Minister of Defense for outstanding medical instruction provided to over 150 Kenyan soldiers.
  • Planned and executed an immunization program for a reserve battalion, ensuring over 200 personnel received all required shots.
  • Successfully completed six semester hours toward a Bachelor’s Degree despite a demanding operational tempo.
  • Maintained 100 percent accountability of equipment valued over 1 million dollars.
  • Sets a prime example in the battalion for NBC proficiency and generously shares expertise with other companies to enhance their NBC training.
  • Consistently achieved zero defects while completing the battalion’s monthly Unit Status Report (USR) requirement for the past 6 months.
  • Expertly performed security and circulation control over a 6,700km sector in Bosnia.

Examples of Excellence Bullets

  • Attained three honor platoon awards during the rating period, exemplifying exceptional performance.
  • Developed a rigorous Physical Training (PT) program resulting in section APFT scores improving from an average of 224 to an average of 246.
  • Received an outstanding rating on 3 out of 4 command inspections, the highest in the battalion.
  • Significantly improved the processing rate of pay actions from 65 percent to 94 percent in less than 3 months.
  • Commanded the detachment on two separate missions at JRTC in the absence of an officer.
  • Efficiently coordinated and executed the setup of a local area network for 240 computers ahead of schedule during the battalion move.
  • Selected by the JTF Commander to serve as the J3 and train an ARNG staff on all aspects of TOC Operations.
  • Earned commendations from numerous officers for exceptional training provided to the national military academy of the former Soviet Republic of Moldova.
  • Awarded FORSCOM’s MG Aubrey “Red” Newman Award for demonstrating leadership excellence.
  • Recognized as the first-choice reporter for the prestigious MacArthur Awards ceremony in the Pentagon, receiving praise from the Chief of Public Affairs for providing 117 media releases.
  • Finalist for the White-House Military Office Senior NCO of the Year.
  • Processed over 200 evaluations for all four military services with exceptional accuracy and achieved a 98 percent on-time rate.
  • Nominated for the Agency’s “Technician of the Year” award.
  • Coordinated the movement of 184,000 pounds of equipment worth over $2.5 million while maintaining 100 percent accountability.
  • Maintained 100 percent accuracy for 7 Major Subordinate Command ammunition accounts valued at over $28 million.
  • Led by example, mentoring two soldiers to successfully achieve their gold recruiter rings.
  • Achieved a team average of 294 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
  • Displayed technical mastery as the solo bugler during a wreath-laying ceremony for the Defense Minister of Greece.
  • Demonstrated excellent work habits and attention to detail, contributing to a 26 percent increase in success rates for the Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB).
  • Directly responsible for 7 soldiers being awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB).
  • Completed a 468-mile bike ride across Georgia in just 6 days.
  • Maintained a 100 percent accuracy rate for all transactions in SIDPERS (Standard Installation/Division Personnel System) for 12 months.
  • Implemented an aggressive training program resulting in 12 soldiers excelling in the Army’s Culinary Arts competition and winning 16 medals.
  • Selected as the Detachment First Sergeant over 10 senior SFCs (Sergeant First Class).
  • Received a perfect 100 percent rating from the Command Inspection Program in NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) readiness, Property Book, and vehicle maintenance.

Examples of Needs Improvement Bullets

  • Failed to meet APFT standards for the two-mile run and sit-ups, resulting in a total score of 148.
  • Exhibited a lack of supervision over subordinates, leading to the loss of $2,000 worth of equipment due to failure to follow procedures.
  • Showed little concern for the security and accountability of sensitive items during cyclic field exercises.
  • Improper purchase from a subordinate had a detrimental impact on morale and discipline within the section.
  • Consistently failed to meet administrative suspenses.
  • Received counseling from the Battalion CSM for having the most disorganized platoon in the company.
  • Failed to develop subordinates by neglecting mandatory performance counseling for the NCO-ER.
  • Repeatedly failed to conduct inspections of soldiers and their equipment.
  • Perception of improper conduct adversely affected morale and discipline within the Division.
  • Unexcused absence from duty left enlisted soldiers in the platoon unsupervised.
  • Failed to comply with instructions from superiors on several occasions.
  • Encouraged soldiers to engage in cheating, undermining the growth and integrity of the unit.
  • Compromised integrity by submitting false documents.
  • Consistently expressed dissatisfaction with time spent in the field.

Below are examples of senior rater bullets that selection boards appreciate. These bullets should be clear, concise, and reflect the potential for promotion and higher levels of authority and responsibility.

Strong Senior Rater Performance and Potential Bullets

  • Highly recommend immediate promotion to Sergeant First Class (SFC).
  • Exceptionally talented and gifted NCO consistently delivering superb results – a definite selection for promotion.
  • Serves as a model, mentor, and motivator, inspiring soldiers to uphold Army values.
  • Selected over other senior NCOs to manage the administrative section of the largest directorate in the Agency.
  • Demonstrates unlimited potential and stands as one of tomorrow’s leaders – should be promoted now.
  • Displays outstanding performance and abilities that surpass those of peers.
  • Recognize leadership abilities and send to Drill Sergeant School.
  • Clearly capable of serving with distinction in demanding and critical assignments.
  • Promote immediately and assign to leadership positions.
  • Recommend attendance at the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course (ANCOC) and assignment as a trainer of soldiers.
  • Would be an invaluable asset on any Battalion Staff.
  • Epitomizes a professional NCO warrior, setting an example for others to emulate.
  • Shows unlimited potential and should be promoted immediately, considering assignment as a future First Sergeant.
  • Promote in the secondary zone upon first eligibility.
  • Outperformed 99 percent of peers, unequivocally the best NCO in the battalion.
  • Recognize unlimited potential, promote now, send to First Sergeant’s course, and assign as a First Sergeant.
  • Demonstrated competence and potential warrant immediate promotion to Master Sergeant (MSG).
  • Leadership directly contributed to the platoon’s top-rated status among twelve platoons.