Contributions without MOS or duty title stated will be listed below.

  • Discovered a damaged starter generator terminal lug during a routine inspection in mid-flight; promptly fixed the issue using spare parts specifically brought for this recurring problem. This allowed for a safe return after a lengthy HAATS flight.
  • Took part in the repatriation of a Prisoner of War during the conflict in Afghanistan, providing essential aviation support to ensure a secure operation.
  • Introduced, assessed, and implemented new equipment for special operations flight crew members as a valuable member of the 160th ALSE team.
  • Received comprehensive training and qualification in all positions within the ALSE shop, becoming an expert in every aspect of ALSE operations.
  • Selected as a standout technician within HHC 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne to deliver ALSE instruction to new technicians, showcasing exceptional skills and knowledge.
  • Successfully maintained 12 aircraft, including performing 40/120-hour inspections and unscheduled repairs totaling over 250 MMH during ESAD fire support missions.
  • PFC Siemens played a crucial role in creating and managing the powertrain benchstock for AH-64s, UH-60s, and CH-47s, which consisted of primary, secondary, and DART kits. This initiative eliminated repair delays for crucial parts.
  • Provided extensive support and technical expertise on the computer imagery software used throughout the entire Brigade during exercise Vibrant Response 11.1.
  • Demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to mission accomplishment, playing a pivotal role in the successful pre-deployment training and mobilization of the GSAB.
  • Served as the Production Control and Quality Control NCO at a remote site in Western Iraq, effectively overseeing and managing operational aspects.
  • Organized the benchstock for Outlaw Troop following the acquisition of a new trycon container, ensuring efficient inventory management and accessibility.
  • Maintained accurate and meticulous records of all maintenance activities, filling in for an SLC trained Production Control NCO during their absence. This enabled the completion of five urgent medical evacuation missions.
  • Exceeded the standard expectations by successfully completing 20 250-hour phase inspections and four 500-hour phase inspections.
  • Qualified eleven crew chiefs on the M240H on tables 1-4, 6-8, and 10 during both day and NVG aerial gunnery ranges, showcasing proficiency and expertise in training.
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