Liaison NCO (LNO) Duty Descriptions

Senior Liaison Noncommissioned Officer

As the Senior Liaison Noncommissioned Officer at Fort Bliss, Texas, I am responsible for the coordination and support of a 330 Soldier multi-functional Military Police Sustainment Support Operations unit deployed to multiple locations. Specifically assigned to the 3-345 (CS) (CSS) (TSBN), my role encompasses overseeing the receipt of equipment for several companies. I am accountable for forecasting and coordinating the inventory and transportation of equipment, ensuring its timely and efficient delivery. Additionally, I coordinate accommodations for all personnel within the unit. One of my crucial responsibilities is to assist in addressing the training needs of Soldiers before they deploy, ensuring that they are fully validated and prepared for their missions. Furthermore, I am responsible for the readiness, training, duty performance, and welfare of two NCOs, ensuring their well-being and professional development.

Forward Operations Liaison NCO (LNO)

In my capacity as a Forward Operations Liaison Noncommissioned Officer (LNO) at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, I support a 600 Soldier multi-functional Combat Sustainment Support Battalion deployed to Regional Command-North (RC-N). Specifically assigned to the ________ in Regional Command-East (RC-E), I am responsible for managing the receipt of equipment for five companies within the battalion. This entails coordinating and forecasting the inventory and transportation of equipment and rolling stock from RC-E to RC-N. Additionally, I oversee the coordination of convoys and accommodations for convoy personnel, ensuring their safe and efficient movement. In this role, I prioritize the readiness, training, duty performance, and welfare of four NCOs, ensuring their professional growth and well-being.

Deputy Chief REPLO

As the Deputy Chief Regional Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (REPLO), I serve alongside ARNORTH and FEMA Region IV headquarters. Working closely with the REPLO Chief, I provide leadership and support to a multi-service team of officers and NCOs. My primary responsibility is to coordinate and facilitate Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) during disasters and National Security events occurring in the Southeast Region. I offer expertise and guidance on DoD resources and capabilities, working closely with FEMA Region IV, National Headquarters, Emergency Support Function representatives, NORTHCOM, JDOMS, and other organizations with DSCA roles. Maintaining a high state of readiness, I ensure that all assigned personnel are well-trained, deployable, competent, and prepared to respond effectively to man-made, natural, terrorist, or other national emergency disasters.

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