1. I am delighted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your remarkable contribution to the successful execution of our detachment mission. Your dedication, expertise, and exemplary efforts have been invaluable in the development and ultimate success of a groundbreaking project of utmost national importance. Additionally, your accomplishments have earned accolades from the highest levels of government, and you were recently honored with the Superior Unit Award.
  2. Working with you and this unit, through both challenging and successful times, has been the highlight of my Army career. Your unwavering loyalty and devotion to duty have been crucial in achieving the outstanding results and esteemed status we now enjoy. Your efforts have brought immense credit not only to yourself but also to the detachment and the United States of America.
  3. Once again, I extend my gratitude and wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors.


Col Chardonay

Dear Sergeant Ruiz,

Rarely in a military career does a Soldier face a critical situation for which they are so confident and fully qualified. Your platoon members were thoroughly prepared to tackle the challenges presented by Operation XXXXX’s rapidly evolving events. Your capable group of warriors, including yourself, did an exceptional job in securing the forward position, establishing communications, and coordinating the movement of follow-on forces. Your dedication and tenacity under extremely adverse conditions were instrumental in making this operation a resounding success.

General Taylor, the JTF Commander, was extremely pleased with the outcomes of your actions and spoke very highly of you and your unit. I recognize that such successes are not coincidental but are the result of meticulous planning, practice, hard work, and sacrifice on the part of you and your entire team. I personally want to thank you for wholeheartedly supporting our mission and the United States Army.


Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear SSG Powers,

It brings me immense pleasure and honor to extend my gratitude for your significant contribution to the success of the Ft Stewart Family Services Center’s Military Spouse School.

In 2012, we had over 100 spouses attending the school, bringing the total number of attendees to an impressive 900. The program received high praise and positive feedback from attendees, who showcased their increased productivity, thanks to the invaluable support of individuals like yourself. Your enthusiasm and expertise have played a crucial role in the school’s success, thereby contributing directly to the accomplishment of our mission.

Your active involvement not only benefits the attendees but also serves our service members and their families. Well-informed and prepared spouses are better equipped to cope with the challenges of military life and support their partners’ success. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated.

Congratulations on a job excellently done.

Colonel William Unitas



SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation

  1. I extend my sincere gratitude for the outstanding work of SSgt Yolanda Ruiz as a member of the Munitions Storage team. SSgt Ruiz has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and technical expertise during the transition from conventional aircraft munitions to state-of-the-art, classified aircraft munitions complement. Despite facing stressful conditions, her dedicated efforts overcame numerous unforeseen challenges and ensured minimal downtime.
  2. SSgt Ruiz’s invaluable contributions involved developing storage and usage procedures and policies that addressed compatibility issues and facilitated seamless integration into the base’s arsenal. These local instructions, authored by SSgt Ruiz and her team, have been evaluated and adopted as standard procedure throughout PACAF by several flying squadrons.
  3. I wholeheartedly appreciate SSgt Ruiz’s hard work and commitment in engineering this transition and successfully upgrading our F-15 capability. I encourage her to continue providing guidance and support to other squadrons in PACAF undergoing similar transitions to advanced munitions. The success of our mission relies on the abilities of the F-15s and capable young Airmen like SSgt Ruiz. Once again, thank you for a job exceptionally well done.

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Commander, 13th Air Force