The purpose of a Letter of Continuity (or Memorandum of Continuity) is to provide a means of documenting a Soldier’s performance and accomplishments when it is not feasible to do so in an NCOER (Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report). This situation may arise when a Soldier receives a new assignment and is not due for an NCOER because they recently received one.

Consequently, the work they have performed since their last NCOER would not be officially recorded. When the Soldier arrives at their next duty station, they may be due for an NCOER in a few months, leaving insufficient time for their new supervisor to gather enough information to write a comprehensive evaluation. As a result, the Soldier might receive a lower rating than they deserve due to the lack of documented performance.

The Letter of Continuity addresses this issue by providing the current supervisor with a method to document the Soldier’s achievements and performance since the last NCOER or rating period. Typically, the rater completes the Letter of Continuity and provides it to the Soldier, who then hand-carries it to their next duty station and presents it to their new supervisor. The new supervisor, if they deem it appropriate, can incorporate the information contained in the Letter of Continuity into the Soldier’s upcoming NCOER.


The inclusion of these letters may vary depending on the specific unit. In some units, they are entirely optional, while in others, they are a mandatory requirement. When a new troop arrives at their next duty station with a Memo of Continuity in hand, the incoming supervisor may perceive them as a highly capable Soldier or recognize that their previous workcenter held them in high regard, ensuring a smooth transition to their new base. Consequently, a Memo of Continuity can serve as an indication of exceptional performance since not everyone receives one.

Typically, a standard Army memorandum is used for this purpose. However, some units may recommend utilizing a DA 638 to document significant achievements instead of drafting a memorandum. It is advisable to consult your unit’s requirements regarding this matter. Importantly, there is no need to address the performance categories outlined in the NCOER (Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report).

Additionally, there are no specific guidelines regarding the minimum amount of text or the prescribed format. The primary objective is to enumerate the tasks and responsibilities performed by the individual being evaluated since the previous reporting period, whether it be a single line or a series of twenty bullet comments.



January 25, 2014


SUBJECT: Letter of Continuity for SSG Mark Welch

  1. SSG Welch is an exceptional NCO and a capable leader who consistently demonstrates a positive can-do attitude. He serves as an outstanding example to both his peers and subordinates. During his assignment here, from September 15, 2013, to January 25, 2014, he achieved the following:
  • Researched and developed a comprehensive headquarters training guide for operating the new UHF radio in HaveQuick mode.
  • Enhanced the operation and deployment procedures as the section’s Land Mobile Radio manager, resulting in improved efficiency. Additionally, he authored Operating Instructions (OI) to ensure sustained readiness.
  • Successfully coordinated with the base fabrication shop to construct durable carriers for our deployable equipment, contributing to the deployment of complete sets and protecting them from damage.
  • Conducted training sessions for local and visiting Soldiers on Red Phone procedures and secure radio operation.
  • Volunteered for a self-help project, dedicating two weeks to finishing the interior walls of the new workcenter.
  • Played a pivotal role in our unit’s participation in the annual readiness exercise.
  • Maintained up-to-date training records, staying current on all required training.
  • No current profile restrictions.
  • Achieved a current APFT score of 385.
  1. If I were to write an NCOER for SSG Welch at this moment, it would likely be the most outstanding among all my Soldiers. Should you have any questions regarding SSG Welch’s duty history, please feel free to contact me at 456-0149 during regular duty hours.