Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence, Leads by example, Communication

  • Provided ample opportunities for junior Soldiers to excel; effectively delegated tasks and expanded the section’s capabilities by 40%.
  • Motivated his soldiers to perform at their best, both individually and as a cohesive squad.
  • Instilled a sense of self-improvement and confidence in subordinates, inspiring them to reach their full potential.
  • Demonstrated sound and mature judgment, coupled with confident patience.
  • Committed to enhancing the quality of life for soldiers and ensuring their well-being.
  • A remarkable motivator of soldiers, consistently inspiring the platoon to surpass standards.
  • Mentored one soldier to become the I Corp PLDC honor graduate, showcasing dedication to their professional development.
  • Displayed sincere care for soldiers by fostering their growth through counseling and guidance.
  • Influenced soldiers to successfully accomplish all assigned missions.
  • Mentored one NCO, leading to their nomination for membership into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Board.
  • A true leader who gives their utmost effort, demanding the best from soldiers and prioritizing their needs.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills as a team chief.
  • Self-sacrificing and an invaluable team player.
  • Implemented a program to enhance leaders’ confidence as Convoy Protection Platform Commanders.
  • Routinely sought after by other NCOs for advice and guidance.
  • Developed soldiers through positive counseling, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Their unwavering devotion to duty is always evident.
  • Instilled a mission-first attitude, motivating the entire unit to prioritize the same.
  • Inspired the unit to consistently surpass training standards.
  • Always placed the mission first, exhibiting unquestionable devotion to duty.
  • Strived for perfection, accomplishing all duties with great accuracy and timeliness.
  • Set high standards and promoted a culture of excellence.
  • Displayed genuine concern for the well-being of soldiers.
  • Excelled as a squad leader, holding the esteemed E-6 position.
  • Directly responsible for supervising the unit’s orderly room, receiving commendable ratings during Cl.
  • Delegated effectively and empowered subordinates, resulting in over 50 confident and capable Unit Movement Officers.
  • Conducted multiple TC AIMS classes, qualifying over 40 soldiers and ensuring preparedness for NTC deployment operations.
  • Maintained a balance between mission and training requirements, guiding soldiers in their career advancement while preparing them for future assignments.
  • Created and implemented the company’s Female Mentorship Program, providing monthly coaching, teaching, and mentoring to over 20 female soldiers.
  • Selected to develop, organize, and execute battalion-level NCOPD on Army Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions, involving over 30 senior NCOs.
  • Fostered relationships with sister branches, resulting in increased personnel resources and the elimination of section delays.
  • Encouraged soldiers to take initiative and apply leader competencies and attributes, fostering forward thinking, involvement, and problem-solving.
  • Trained four Range Safety Officers on proper weapons adjustment and identifying posture during IWQ, expediting timelines for the 230th XX XX and subordinate units.
  • Recognized by CSM for maintaining composure during CLS and TCCC FTX, providing combatant care while clearing a tri-level building.
  • Advised 20 couriers, one team lead, and the PPV Branch chief on transportation and maintenance procedures, leading to improved fleet management.
  • Conducted courier team meetings to enhance performance, communication, and accountability, resulting in a 60% mission improvement.
  • Took necessary actions to address and resolve soldiers’ concerns and needs, building trust within the unit.
  • Served as the NCOIC at the M240B and M249 Machine Gun range, training and evaluating 50 soldiers.
  • Volunteered on numerous occasions to provide impromptu medical classes to subordinates.
  • Seized opportunities to illustrate points and turned mistakes into valuable learning experiences.
  • Initiated contact with Navy leadership to investigate chronic failures at Bahrain Tech Control, establishing communication channels for improvement.
  • Made an unpopular but necessary decision and successfully persuaded the team to support it.
  • Transformed an inherited unsatisfactory supply section into a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP.
  • Delegated effectively and empowered subordinates, resulting in the development of the most effective and mature technicians in the BN.
  • Improved an inherited unsatisfactory section to a commendable rating at JRTC.
  • Conducted a thorough review before an event, leading the platoon to achieve a 100% first-time qualification on the M16.
  • Confident leader who collaborated with senior-level leaders to swiftly resolve complex issues impacting daily installation BCT operations.
  • Regularly inspects her soldiers’ individual weapons and provides on-the-spot corrections when needed.
  • Focused on soldiers’ well-being and development, never abusing the privilege of being in charge.
  • Tactful leader and motivator with the ability to overcome challenging obstacles.
  • Motivated three soldiers to achieve the Soldier of the Quarter recognition.
  • Empowered and developed soldiers by removing obstacles and entrusting them with critical tasks.
  • Demonstrated patience and clear articulation to ensure all soldiers understand training events.
  • Mentored and trained two soldiers, resulting in their promotion recommendations and advancement to the next level of responsibility.
  • Always took the initiative to ensure all mission requirements were successfully achieved.
  • Exhibited outstanding leadership skills as a team chief, leading to a 40% increase in productivity.
  • Developed creative management initiatives to enhance performance.
  • Led by example, guiding the team into Iraq to recover a downed Air Force pilot during Desert Storm.
  • Counseled 21 students throughout the rating period, resulting in a 100% graduation rate with three students receiving honors.
  • Performed leadership duties decisively and positively, yielding exceptional results.
  • Actively leads AIT soldiers in physical development and excelling in Common Task Skills.
  • Demanded the best training environment for soldiers and accepted nothing less than quality results.
  • Led PT failures to achieve a 90% first-time success rate on the APFT.
  • Ensured 100% qualification of assigned personnel on individual/crew-served weapons, with over 50% achieving an expert rating.
  • Trained and deployed half the team as a separate unit, seamlessly integrating with other unit members as a true team player.
  • Led the platoon to Distinguished Marksmanship Platoon honors during the annual battalion shooting competition.
  • Motivated the squad to secure first place in the 9-mile road march during the company-level squad competition.
  • Led the company to hold the current first-place standing in the Post Commanders Cup intramural sports competition.
  • Inspired NCOs to excellence, resulting in 26 soldiers receiving the CINC EUSA Distinguished Leadership Award.
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