Help Desk Duty Descriptions

Help Desk Specialist, C Co DSTB, 36ID

The Help Desk Specialist provides support to the Division Special Troops Battalion (DSTB) and serves as an integral member of the helpdesk team. They are responsible for troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software issues faced by end users. If a problem cannot be resolved, they assign it to the appropriate technician and monitor its status until it is resolved. The Help Desk Specialist opens, troubleshoots, and closes trouble tickets while ensuring that all relevant information is accurately documented in the trouble ticket database. Before closing a trouble ticket, they verify end user satisfaction. Additionally, they have the responsibility of overseeing equipment worth over $500,000 spread across five buildings.

Help Desk Specialist, USANEC-QATAR, 25th Signal Battalion

The Help Desk Specialist in the USANEC-QATAR unit assists a large user base of over 3,000 soldiers who utilize more than 4,000 workstations. They diligently adhere to the requirements set by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Their responsibilities include creating, updating, and deleting user accounts as per the established protocols. They possess expertise in resolving computer and software configuration issues and ensuring network connectivity. Additionally, they provide assistance to users in creating user profiles and troubleshoot printer and peripheral device-related issues. The Help Desk Specialist is also proficient in the installation, removal, and replacement of computers, servers, monitors, printers, and other IT equipment. They possess knowledge and expertise in maintaining Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Army Golden Master (AGM) build, Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS), NIPR (Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network), SIPR (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network), Microsoft Operating Software (OS), and Active Directory.

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