Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) Duty Descriptions

Family Readiness Liaison

The individual serves as the Battalion Family Readiness Liaison, assisting the battalion commander in maintaining an active and effective Family Readiness Group (FRG) and overall Family Readiness Program. They provide support in communicating command-level care for the well-being of 300 soldiers and their families. The Family Readiness Liaison refers family members with issues or concerns to appropriate community or military resources. They also coordinate supplies and logistical support for the FRG, including the approved use of government property and facilities. Additionally, the Family Readiness Liaison oversees daily operations and administration related to family support.

Family Readiness Liaison (FRL)

The Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) is a soldier assigned the additional duty as the commander’s representative to support the Total Army Family Program. Their role is to ensure effective family assistance and support, thereby enhancing the quality of life, family readiness, and retention of soldiers and civilian employees. The FRL serves as a communication link between families, the Family Readiness Group, its leaders, and the commander. In addition to maintaining their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) skills, the FRL provides administrative support for the FRG, offers guidance and technical assistance, and acts as a community resource expert, referring families to appropriate resources as needed.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the commander in maintaining an active and effective FRG and overall Family Readiness program.
  2. Provide support in communicating command-level care and concern for the well-being of soldiers, civilian employees, and their families.
  3. Maintain and update FRG rosters, telephone trees, and email distribution lists, ensuring accurate and timely information.
  4. Assist in processing new soldiers and civilian employees, obtaining contact information for their family members to welcome them to the FRG.
  5. Provide clerical support for the Family Readiness program, including document preparation and editing.
  6. Maintain records related to the FRG informal fund and FRG continuity books.
  7. Coordinate family readiness training for commanders, volunteers, and family members.
  8. Request and coordinate briefings, trainings, guest speakers, and locations/venues to support the Family Readiness program.
  9. Serve as the Organizational Point of Contact (OPOC) for FRG volunteers, managing volunteer files and ensuring registration in the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS).
  10. Administer or assist in the administration of unit and/or FRG Facebook pages or websites.
  11. Support Command Inspection Program and Phantom Warrior Inspection Program by ensuring all relevant materials and documents are current and up to date.
  12. Attend steering committee meetings and command and staff meetings to provide information on the Family Readiness program.
  13. Attend Community Service Council meetings and share information presented with family members.
  14. Attend FRG meetings as requested by the commander.
  15. Gather and address family member issues identified by FRG leaders or key callers and elevate them to the chain of command.
  16. Facilitate ongoing communication between the FRG and the commander.
  17. Coordinate supplies and logistical support for the FRG, including the use of government property.
  18. Distribute information on training opportunities and community resources/events to family members.
  19. Refer family members with concerns to the appropriate community or military resources.

Prohibited Duties:

The Family Readiness Liaison is prohibited from engaging in FRG fundraising, conducting FRG informal fund audits, participating in casualty notification or response, duplicating duties of FRG volunteers, duplicating services provided by existing military community resources, engaging in planning social functions, maintaining personal calendars for commanders or volunteers, or performing duties of other additional roles such as Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, Command Finance Specialist/Family Advocacy Specialist, Equal Opportunity, or Safety.

Required training:

  1. Family Readiness Support Assistant / FRL New Employee Training Course: This course is offered quarterly by Fort Hood ACS (Army Community Service) and provides essential training for new employees taking on the role of Family Readiness Liaison.
  2. Rear Detachment Operations Course: This course focuses on the operations and responsibilities of rear detachment personnel who support soldiers and their families during deployments or other absences.
  3. Community Resource Course: This course provides knowledge and understanding of available community resources that can support soldiers and their families in various aspects of their lives.
  4. FRG Leader Course: This course is specifically designed for Family Readiness Group leaders and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead and support their FRG.
  5. FRG Fund Custodian Course: This course focuses on the proper management and handling of FRG funds, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulations.
  6. FRG Key Caller Course: This course trains individuals on how to effectively communicate with FRG members through telephone trees or other communication methods, ensuring timely and accurate dissemination of information.
  7. Facebook for FRGs: This training focuses on the use of social media platforms, specifically Facebook, to facilitate communication and information sharing within the FRG.
  8. CARE Team Course: This course provides guidance and training for individuals involved in CARE Teams, which offer support and assistance to families in times of crisis or need.
  9. Army Family Team Building Levels K, G, and L: These training levels, offered by the Army Family Readiness Program, cover various aspects of military knowledge, personal growth and resiliency, and leadership development, enhancing the skills and abilities of the Family Readiness Liaison.
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