CMF 15, Aviation Duty Descriptions

Aviation Maintenance Officer

Performs maintenance operational checks, maintenance test flights, and Maintenance Examinations on the H-60M helicopter. Troubleshoots H-60M systems, coordinates maintenance actions within the unit, and provides advice to the Commander on maintenance matters. Maintains a high level of tactical and technical proficiency as an Aeromedical Pilot-in-Command in an HH60M helicopter to support training and real-world missions. Completes all semi-annual and Annual Proficiency and Readiness Test (APART) requirements. Performs all required duties as an Aviation Maintenance Officer.

Technical Inspector (TI)

Serves as a Technical Inspector (TI) within the 3-82nd General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB). Provides TI support for 23 H-60L/M helicopters valued at $490 million and 12 CH-47F Chinook helicopters valued at $468 million. Responsible for reviewing and maintaining forms and records, ensuring compliance with Safety of Flight (SOF) messages and other maintenance directives. Ensures that quality maintenance is completed during all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations. Coordinates aircraft historical records between field and sustainment level maintenance. Responsive to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 18-hour no-notice, worldwide contingency mission.

Aviation Support Equipment Section NCO

Serves as the Aviation Support Equipment Section NCO in an Aviation Support Company assigned to the 601st Aviation Support Battalion. Responsible for the collective training, health, welfare, and professional development of nine Soldiers. Serves as the coordinator for Tool Room, Hazardous Materials, Ground Support Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment, Petroleum Oils and Lubricants, and TMDE. Provides and coordinates aviation field maintenance support for the Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. Accountable for tools and equipment valued at over $7,700,000.

First Sergeant

Assumes the role of First Sergeant for a Battalion Headquarters and an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Company. Responsible for the health, welfare, and training of 163 Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), and Civilians. Manages all administrative and company operations. Monitors the operational readiness of facilities and air traffic control systems valued at over $10 million for two Basefields and four remote Stagefields. Serves as the primary trainer for the unit and assists the Commander in developing unit policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Conducts developmental training for subordinate leaders and advises the Commander on all issues.

First Sergeant/ Senior Enlisted Advisor

Serves as the First Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Company Commander for a 15-Ship MEDEVAC Company providing superior evacuation and enroute medical care for the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade and the 82nd Infantry Division. Mentors, trains, and leads 109 Enlisted Soldiers and Officers, including their Families. Maintains currency on all advanced medical certifications. Responsible for the timely processing of all administrative actions, training calendar development, and input into the MEDPROS, MODS, and DTMS systems. Works directly with the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for all enlisted-related issues.

Platoon Sergeant

Serves as a Platoon Sergeant in an AH-64D Attack Helicopter Squadron in the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB). Serves as an advisor to the Platoon Leader for maintenance and day-to-day administration of the platoon. Provides mentoring and professional development guidance to four NCOs and 14 Soldiers. Plans work flow and manages scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to support flight schedules, direct launch, recovery, and troubleshooting operations for three Attack Weapons Teams. Responsible for the maintenance and accountability of seven AH-64E helicopters and equipment valued at over $250 million.

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