92A Automated Logistical Specialist

92F Petroleum Supply Specialist

92G Food Service Specialist

92L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist

92R Parachute Rigger

92S Shower/Laundry and Clothing Repair Specialist

92W Water Treatment Specialist

92Y Unit Supply Specialist

92Z Senior Noncommissioned Logistician

General Examples

If the MOS is not provided with the contribution, it will be listed here by default.

AK 302 Processor

  • I fulfilled the role of AK 302 processor for the Trans-Atlantic Network during Operation Spartan Shield, ensuring 100% materiel support.
  • I efficiently processed over 3,000 AK 302s and successfully moved more than 5,600 critical cargo pieces ahead of schedule, playing a crucial role in the overall success of operations.

G43 Action Officer

  • I effectively coordinated the efforts of TACOM and PM Mortars to initiate the recall of potentially dangerous and defective 120mm mortar tubes.
  • I devised and implemented military flight training routes for unmanned aerial vehicles, significantly enhancing border security.
  • As a Safety Officer, I integrated seamlessly with the G43 Readiness Team and promptly contributed to unit safety.

Sanitation Team Leader

  • I conducted thorough training sessions for new soldiers, ensuring they were well-versed in sanitation responsibilities and planning.
  • My contributions laid the foundation for a successful DOL North S&S mission.
  • In addition to my primary duties, I willingly volunteered for Field Sanitation Team duties, exemplifying dedication and commitment.

Supply NCO

  • I exhibited professionalism and dedication while performing numerous duties and tasks.
  • I tirelessly worked day and night to maintain meticulous accountability of all equipment and property book items.
  • Both in appearance and attitude, I maintained a soldier-like posture and displayed leadership qualities.
  • I played a pivotal role in preparing the unit for the annual Commander’s Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) inspection, contributing to a commendable 99% rating.
  • I consistently provided comprehensive after-action reports and valuable recommendations to enhance Annual Training.
  • I supervised the distribution, sign-out, and return of all sensitive and accountable items, ensuring a 100% inventory upon the return from Annual Training (AT).
  • Throughout CSTX, I maintained effective communication and active supervision of my subordinates.
  • My contributions were vital in ensuring the success of the FTX mission.
  • During the Battalion CIP Inspection, I received commendable ratings.
  • I took charge of and successfully turned around the CSDP, ensuring the 100% accountability of all items on the Battery Property Book.

Logistics Officer

  • I streamlined the order requisition process, significantly reducing delays and enhancing the efficiency of the medical logistics section.
  • I ensured the timely delivery of medical supplies to outlying stations, facilitating uninterrupted military operations and preventing mission delays due to supply shortages.
  • Safely packing and relocating all required equipment to SOF-A without any loss or damage was one of my accomplished responsibilities.

System Retirement NCOIC

  • I efficiently accepted and stored 177 aircraft and 1,122 pieces of PGSE (Property, General Support Equipment), collectively valued at over $2 billion, while awaiting DA divestment decisions or FMS (Foreign Military Sales) requirements.

Maintenance Administrative Supply Technician

  • My meticulous attention to detail played a crucial role in preventing unnecessary purchases amounting to over $23,000.
  • I meticulously reviewed over 800 99 RSC (Regional Support Command) purchase orders and effectively identified, resolved, and corrected all errors, achieving a 100% error resolution rate.

Logistics Organization Integrator

  • I facilitated the Force Management Division in making well-informed decisions regarding resource allocation and defining ARNG (Army National Guard) force structure.
  • With my management expertise, I successfully oversaw the evolution of the modern ARNG, ensuring high readiness levels and the ability to uphold the nation’s defense.

Air Movement Planner

  • In my role as an Air Movement Planner, I meticulously planned and coordinated all CH-47 operations in Balad, Iraq, serving as the CJSOTF-AP (Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula) Liaison for the LTF-Joint Task Force.

G4-LFS FSD Coordinator

  • By activating 48 Food Service personnel and providing 60,000 meals, I successfully saved over $100,000 in comparison to the cost of catered meals, which would have amounted to $450,000.

Platoon Mission Commander

  • I effectively closed six Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and executed the exfiltration of all equipment with precision.
  • As a dedicated Team Leader, I served in that capacity for three months, ensuring mission success.
  • I imparted valuable training to Mission Commanders in three other units, maintaining a high level of mission accomplishment.
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