MOS 25 General

25B Information Technology Specialist

25C Radio Operator Maintainer

25D Cyber Network Defender

25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

25F Network Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer

25H Network Communication Systems Specialist

25L Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer

25M Multimedia Illustrator

25N JNN System Operators/Maintainers

25P Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer

25Q Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

25R Visual Information/Audio Equipment Repairer

25S SatCom Systems Operator/Maintainer

25T Satellite/Microwave Systems Chief

25U Signal Support Systems Specialist

25V Combat Documentation & Production Specialist

25W Telecommunications Operations Chief

25X Senior Signal Sergeant

25Z Visual Information Operations Chief

Unspecified Inputs

If the MOS isn’t provided, contributions will be listed below.

  • Set up and operated the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding (RDF) System, intercepting enemy calls during the Combined Arms Exercise and ensuring the success of the B Company mission.
  • Utilized every opportunity to train fellow Soldiers in the communication field, dedicating personal time to fabricate necessary gear.
  • Served as the Forward Signal Support NCO for 7th Cavalry, maintaining over a million dollars worth of communications equipment and being responsible for the training and readiness of over 30 communications platforms.
  • Provided invaluable assistance in providing SIPR (Secret Internet Protocol Router) access during a critical S6 meeting when it had not been scheduled, saving hours of work and multiple trips back to Caserma Ederle.
  • Demonstrated unwavering dedication to the Soldiers and the job, ensuring the unit was prepared for any mission at a moment’s notice.
  • Installed SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System) into nine M1151 HMMWVs, two M1097s, and one M1078A1, ensuring FM communications throughout the Brigade’s operational area.
  • Conducted classes to educate peers and subordinates on effective communication using HF (High Frequency) and ASIP (Advanced System Improvement Program) radio systems.
  • As the Automation Specialist, managed over 700 accounts on the CENTRIX, NIPR (Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router), and SIPR communication networks for eight different units and agencies throughout RC South (Regional Command South).
  • Processed over 1,000 trouble tickets out of the S-6 shop’s total of 2,500, efficiently handling the majority of communication and automation issues in less than 30 minutes.
  • Ensured that Task Force ODIN A had the necessary communications resources available to effectively support the warfighter on the ground.
  • Worked on his day off to ensure network connectivity for Main Body 1 arrivals.
  • Maintained the DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcasting – Return Channel via Satellite) system at FOB Chapman, ensuring 99.9% uptime on satellite feeds.
  • Stepped up to hold the S6 position, ensuring that Soldiers had the necessary training and materials to accomplish the mission.
  • Successfully resolved issues with user accounts, system malfunctions, and printer problems, effectively restoring operational functionality to the sections.
  • Exemplified professionalism and commitment to mission accomplishment by properly accounting for and maintaining assigned equipment, such as the STT (Small Tactical Terminal) and BnCPN (Battalion Command Post Node), meeting the 10/20 standard.
  • Configured and upgraded over 400 General Dynamics Sectera vIPer secure phones, guaranteeing the operability of the telephone network for the U.S. Southern Command in Miami.

Electronics Engineer

  • Provided support for a ten-year project at Tobyhanna Army Depot, overseeing the installation of 12 Modernization of Enterprise Terminals worldwide.
  • Successfully overcame numerous challenges during the Modernization of Enterprise Terminals project, completing a dual installation at Ft. Meade and U.S. Army Signal Activity Roberts.

Information Assurance Manager

  • Developed and implemented a scripting tool that greatly aided Task Force Spartan, enabling the tracking, remediation, and reduction of non-compliant users in ATCTS (Army Training and Certification Tracking System).
  • Exceeded the standard for the Information Assurance inspection, earning a faultless score and distinguishing Charlie company from its peers.
  • Served as an IT technician for the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), ensuring the successful mission operations of ASRS maintenance personnel.
  • Developed a communication network that supported 43 SIPR (Secret Internet Protocol Router) terminals, five NIPR (Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router) terminals, four CPOF (Command Post of the Future) systems, three BCS (Battle Command System) systems, and network peripherals.
  • Ensured the success of the communication plan while simultaneously meeting the challenges of complying with Information Assurance standards.

Program Manager

  • Advanced the Network Modernization efforts in theater, positioning 2nd Theater Signal Brigade for a significant increase in data capacity.
  • Extended and formalized the implementation of the Change Management Program, resulting in improved documentation and acceptance procedures.
  • Oversaw the Task Management Tracker and Change Requests for the S-3 Engineering Division, identifying trends and forecasting required resources, ultimately reducing delays.


  • Planned and executed multiple IT equipment recycling operations, effectively disposing of obsolete equipment, increasing office space and efficiency, and positively impacting the NC ARISC (National Capital Region Automated Records Management Center) and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) JRIC (Joint Reserve Intelligence Center).
  • Sanitized, demilitarized, and removed over 500 system hard drives and over 7,000 pounds of legacy IT equipment, significantly enhancing the NC ARISC’s ability to integrate future expansion projects within the facility.
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