Aviation Platoon Sergeant Duty Descriptions

15T Aviation Platoon Sergeant

As a Platoon Sergeant in an Assault Helicopter Company, the 15T Aviation Platoon Sergeant assumes various responsibilities to ensure the effective operation of the platoon. They are accountable for managing the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, and administrative actions of a specific number of NCOs and Warrant Officers within the platoon. The Aviation Platoon Sergeant provides leadership, mentorship, and training to all Soldiers in the platoon, fostering their personal and professional development. They are responsible for the maintenance and serviceability of ten UH-60 helicopters, which collectively hold a value exceeding $40 million. The Aviation Platoon Sergeant also plays a crucial role in facilitating the development of the Platoon Leader’s aviation maintenance expertise and assists and advises the Platoon Leader in all platoon matters, including training plans. Additionally, they teach and instill crew resource management procedures among all Soldiers in the platoon and provide assistance and support to the First Sergeant in various operational and administrative matters. Overall, the Aviation Platoon Sergeant ensures the platoon’s personal readiness and contributes to the successful mission accomplishment of the Assault Helicopter Company.

15E Aviation Platoon Sergeant

The 15E Aviation Platoon Sergeant is responsible for supervising unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) maintenance and technical inspection activities. They determine the necessary resources, such as man-hours, personnel, parts, and facilities, required for the repair of UAS and associated equipment. The Aviation Platoon Sergeant plans maintenance areas, component repair, technical inspection techniques, and procedures in accordance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, and operational policies. They maintain supply economy and discipline within the unit and supervise the technical training program for UAS maintenance. The 15E Aviation Platoon Sergeant prepares evaluations, special reports, and records related to UAS maintenance and administers plans and policies to ensure the efficient operation of the platoon.

15F Aviation Platoon Sergeant

As a 15F Aviation Platoon Sergeant, one supervises and provides technical guidance to a section composed of three 15F Soldiers (UH-60 Repairers) and four 15N Soldiers (Avionic Mechanics). They evaluate, implement, and manage the technical training program for the section, ensuring that all personnel receive the necessary training to perform their duties proficiently. The Aviation Platoon Sergeant evaluates maintenance facilities and procedures to ensure compliance with directives, technical manuals, safety standards, and standard operating procedures. They apply production control, quality control, and other maintenance management principles and procedures to helicopter maintenance operations. Additionally, the Aviation Platoon Sergeant is responsible for managing and being accountable for aircraft maintenance tool kits, special tools, and vehicles with a combined value exceeding $200,000. Their role is crucial in maintaining the readiness and operational effectiveness of the aviation assets under their supervision.

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