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Letter of Recommendation, Green to Gold Program

MEMORANDUM FOR DISTRIBUTION SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Green to Gold Program I wholeheartedly endorse U.S. Army Sergeant **************’s acceptance into the esteemed U.S. Army Green to Gold Program. SGT **** exemplifies the epitome of a future Army Officer, with an exceptional work


Military and Professional Bearing Demonstrated exceptional bearing and appearance, consistently embodying a well-disciplined soldier. Set a remarkable example for subordinates and peers, showcasing outstanding professionalism. Maintained an immaculate uniform and appearance at all times, providing an exceptional example for fellow soldiers. Projected self-confidence


Motor Pool NCO I took on the role of the 526th Motor Sergeant on numerous occasions, improving man hour accounting and effectively utilizing the company’s maintainers with less than a 15% loss of man hour time. I successfully turned in two delinquent Preventive