Army Letter of Recommendation


MEMORANDUM FOR American Embassy, Republic of the Philippines

SUBJECT: StGermaine, Thomas, YA-02

  1. Pursuant to our telephone conversation on 13 Oct 08 concerning Mr. Thomas StGermaine’s potential employment as an Engineering Technician, I am pleased to offer the following insights:
  2. Mr. StGermaine has diligently served the US Army at Camp Uno on Basilan Island for nearly two years, and throughout this period, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional efficiency and thoroughness in the execution of his duties. Among his responsibilities were the transportation, construction, and maintenance of public shelters, along with the establishment of electrical and plumbing infrastructure. The improvements in the standard of living we currently enjoy can be directly attributed to Mr. StGermain’s meticulous planning and expertise. His unique ability to adapt and improvise, utilizing available resources to achieve his objectives, has been invaluable.
  3. Moreover, Mr. StGermaine has generously assisted several other departments in accomplishing their tasks, selflessly foregoing any expectation of compensation. His positive attitude has fostered a strong sense of teamwork, significantly enhancing our overall effectiveness. It is my firm belief that Mr. Thomas StGermaine would be an outstanding asset to your organization, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any suitable opportunities.
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