Gets Results, Accomplishments

  • Implemented and demonstrated strong technical capacity in logistics by meticulously maintaining over 2,500 hand receipts without any discrepancies.
  • Established a comprehensive training program within the squad, resulting in improved technician skills and a 40% reduction in non-mission-capable (NMC) vehicles.
  • Successfully delivered over 2 million gallons of JP-8 aviation fuel to 110,000 aircraft annually, maintaining an impressive average response time of 15 minutes.
  • Cleared over 2,000 miles during route clearance missions, effectively detecting and neutralizing two improvised explosive devices (IEDs), thereby preventing casualties.
  • Overcame various obstacles to accomplish mission objectives, including arranging training, obtaining personnel, and meeting maintenance requirements ahead of schedule.
  • Achieved remarkable success despite limited resources by coordinating with other post agencies to share workload and ensuring timely delivery of training aids for planning conferences.
  • Developed a comprehensive plan for turning in over $60,000 worth of serviceable CLIX service and repair parts to the SSA, resulting in a more efficient and organized parts bin.
  • Tasked with constructing Route Wanna checkpoint and road reconstruction between two villages, completing the project two weeks ahead of schedule, enabling supply access to assist 200 villagers.
  • Developed an efficient sensitive item tracker spreadsheet for the platoon, which proved to be highly effective and was adopted as an SOP by the company.
  • Demonstrated unwavering dedication by completing ASSIST and RTA training, prerequisites for becoming a suicide prevention representative.
  • Diligently reviewed and validated over 600 supporting documents, ensuring compliance with over 300 standards in preparation for Army TRADOC Accreditation.
  • Facilitated the inspection and loading of over 10,000 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, resulting in zero ammo-related issues during the May 22 range qualification.
  • Ensured mission requirements and tasks were met in a timely manner, overcoming challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Served as the Supply Sergeant for six months in the absence of the Supply NCO, maintaining a focused approach to research and planning to ensure no degradation in mission effectiveness.
  • Achieved success despite limited resources by coordinating with other post agencies, sharing workload, and delivering training aids on time for planning conferences.
  • Utilized all available resources to accomplish the mission, including coordinating with outside units to obtain support for personnel and eliminating administrative delays.
  • Provided comprehensive training to soldiers on critical tasks, resulting in zero errors on monthly AMSS reports.
  • Analyzed the recruiting process, identified shortfalls, and refocused efforts, leading the ROTC Detachment to exceed recruitment mission by ten percent.
  • Increased production efficiency by 11% during the absence of the Station Commander in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of FY22.
  • Successfully completed the Army BSEP, furthering their education and career, becoming an even greater asset to their team.
  • Completed all HAZMAT documents for the movement of four containers during the November Division Training Density (DTD), ensuring a safe and successful movement.
  • Conducted the first tandem sling load in the Squadron, utilizing the A22 cargo bag and cargo net during the Artillery Air Assault mission.
  • Stepped up and shared marksmanship knowledge and experience, qualifying the entire company on the M4.
  • Facilitated the administration of over 1,000 COVID-19 tests, surpassing unit goals and contributing to the health of the community.
  • Utilized her experience as a CBRN NCO to obtain the required isopropyl alcohol for conducting 127 tests with the Protective Assessment Test System.
  • Made decisions based on the best interest of the 194th XXXX, earning a reputation as one of the most trusted leaders in the Brigade.
  • Recognized by the 1SG for her professionalism during the Live Fire exercise, leading to enrollment in the Vehicle Crew Evaluator Course.
  • Built a reputation for reliability and competence, fostering trust among soldiers from various units falling under the 25th CAB for repairs and services.
  • Surpassed peers in training and additional duties, selected to prioritize training and mentor new soldiers.
  • Established critical relationships with senior leadership, expanding access to support and resources necessary to accomplish critical tasks.
  • Performed all tasks to the fullest extent, consistently achieving superior results and showcasing exceptional NCO competence.
  • Salvaged parts for two mission-critical STTs, resulting in 100% equipment validation and mission success during CSTX 86-19-03.
  • Obtained certification as a tactical commander of 11 military vehicles, improving unit mobility and ensuring additional manning resources were available.
  • Demonstrated the ability to make sound decisions in the absence of the Platoon Sergeant, showcasing leadership and assigning more responsibility.
  • Showed a strong drive and concern for the health and welfare of all soldiers, fostering a team dedicated to readiness.
  • Modified NSN repair parts to work on TPE Gators and Polaris vehicles when civilian parts were unavailable, preventing limitations on mission effectiveness.
  • Utilized all available resources and support to eliminate delays in GCSS-Army processing, sustaining organizational aviation maintenance capabilities.
  • Enforced man-hour tracking of direct labor hours on Unit and Support Maintenance mission operations, positioning the unit for additional manpower allocation.
  • Served as the Primary Key Custodian, ensuring security, accountability, and around-the-clock emergency access to all platoon equipment without a single incident.
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