MOS 75D Personnel Records Specialist

Around fiscal year 2005, the Personnel CMF changed from 75 to 42 and 75B and 75H merged into a single MOS, 42A, Human Resources Specialist.

The Personnel Sergeant holds the position of overseeing and managing over 75 Personnel Records for National Guard Soldiers and Officers who are assigned to the Headquarters of the District of Columbia Army National Guard.

Within the 75D MOS, there are different designations based on the rank of the personnel:

  • 75D10 is the designation for personnel in the rank of E-1 to E-4.
  • 75D20 is the designation for personnel in the rank of E-5.
  • 75D30 is the designation for personnel in the rank of E-6.
  • 75D40 is the designation for personnel in the rank of E-7.

As a 75D, or Personnel Records Specialist, the primary responsibility is to maintain the military personnel DD201 files. A DD201 file, commonly referred to as a 201 file, is a collection of documents that are kept by the US government for members of the United States armed forces. These files typically contain important records related to the member’s military and civilian education history. Additionally, a 201 file may also include personal information such as the individual’s home of record and documentation of awards received.

The role of the Personnel Sergeant and the Personnel Records Specialist is crucial in ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and security of these personnel records. By maintaining the DD201 files, they facilitate the documentation of military and civilian education history, as well as personal information that is pertinent to the service member’s career. This includes important details such as the member’s home of record and records of any awards received. The Personnel Sergeant’s oversight of these records plays a vital role in supporting the efficient administration and management of the District of Columbia Army National Guard personnel.

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