2166-8-1 Counseling Examples

Your performance in all areas meets the required standards. Your Soldiers hold you in high regard and emulate your example. As an NCO, it is essential to set a positive example and strictly adhere to all standards. Ensure your uniforms are consistently clean and in good condition, and emphasize punctuality in reporting to work. Your dedication and hard work are commendable.

During this period, your performance and productivity have been consistently above average, showing improvement since the last counseling session. Continue setting a positive example, and your subordinates will follow your lead. Emphasize the importance of progressing in qualifications. Maintain a neat appearance and ensure your uniforms are well-maintained. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Your progress has been commendable. Remember the importance of flexibility and working together as a team toward our shared goals. We all follow orders and are accountable to someone. Your appearance and leadership qualities are exemplary. Keep focusing on improving fitness scores.

There should be no surprises on your NCOER. You have exceeded standards in all areas except fitness.

Nothing new to discuss this quarter. Keep working on your qualifications and fitness.

Your uniform, military bearing, and performance consistently meet and exceed standards. However, to attain an Excellent rating, additional effort is required. Increase your focus on training to ensure proficiency in all tasks.

Values: Excellent, Competence: Excellent, Fitness, Bearing: Success (improvement in this area is necessary for advancement), Leadership: Success (hold Soldiers accountable for improper behavior), Training: Excellent, Responsibility: Success (managing Soldiers is one of the unit’s most important responsibilities).

There are no issues with the rated areas, but be aware that off-duty conduct can influence your overall rating. Concentrate on training your subordinates, as their failure to progress reflects on you and ultimately impacts all of us.

Your work during this rating period has been commendable. Remember that as a Squad Leader, you play a crucial role in setting a positive example for your subordinates. Ensure your uniforms are always clean and well-maintained, and keep your training up to date. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

All areas are rated as Excellent, but there is a concern regarding training. Two out of five Soldiers failed their initial qualification, which may impact the justification for an “Excellent” rating. Your uniform and military bearing are exemplary.

Your conduct is outstanding, but attention to detail is emphasized. Pay close attention to circumstances and seek advice from your Squad Leader when needed. Congratulations on being nominated for the quarterly award. Maintain your sharp appearance.

You have achieved a Success or above rating in all areas, but keep in mind that the rating is competitive, and community involvement and self-improvement are as important as duty-related qualities. Continue focusing on training and proficiency.

Continue with your current approach as all areas are rated as Excellent. Assist in maintaining a professional work environment where every member feels like a valued team member. This is an area of interest for the Command.

Your performance is superior, and your uniform is outstanding. If there are any disagreements or issues, address them before they affect morale in the workcenter. You are a highly valued member. However, there is a need to improve in the Competence area and become qualified in your new position.

Military customs and courtesies and respect for authority are of utmost importance in military relationships. Follow Army guidance and address seniors by their appropriate titles. Your performance exceeds the required standards.

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