00G – MOS Immaterial Duty Descriptions

00G Reserve Operations NCO

Facilitates all operational tasks; compiles and maintains statistics on weapons qualification, Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), height and weight, Army Warrior Tasks, and mandatory training; plans unit training by scheduling training events in the Digital Training Management System (DTMS); associates training tasks, develops Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheets (DRAW), and creates, submits, and retains After Action Reviews (AAR).


Assumes the role of Readiness Division G-3 Mobilization NCOIC; arranges and participates in secure video teleconferences (VTCs) in support of missions and LSCO/LSMO working groups; reviews lessons learned while analyzing requirements for future deployments and emergent support operations; validates and nominates unit requests for Army Sourcing List fulfillments; provides tactical and technical guidance while implementing mobilization directives and regulations; advises commanders based on statistical data to enhance the unit’s deployable readiness; coordinates subordinate unit mobilization/demobilization synchronization and coordination with higher and adjacent headquarters; delivers briefings to senior staff, internal and external stakeholders; consolidates and prioritizes ADOS requests; attends conferences as necessary.

Assistant Processing NCO/00G20

Receives Soldiers for in-processing briefings at the reception station; assists with scheduling and processing procedures on a daily basis; ensures timely processing of schedules; provides leadership to the squad through mentorship and counseling; fosters an effective training environment both in the field and classroom settings.

00G3 Observer Coach/Trainer

Serves as an Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) for the XXXXX Training Support Battalion, offering dedicated training assistance to Army Reserve (AR) and National Guard (ARNG) units to enhance unit readiness and fulfill directed wartime and mobilization requirements; oversees the development of mission planning documents and training events aligned with METL-focused training; provides comprehensive take-home packages to supported units; facilitates productive After Action Reviews (AARs) for missions.

00G4O Observer Controller Trainer

Performs duties as an Observer Controller/Trainer for the Training Support Battalion; assumes responsibility for the well-being, training, and development of deploying units; serves as a positive role model for all deploying Soldiers, embodying the seven Army values; provides instruction in essential skills while strictly enforcing safety procedures during training and live-fire exercises; conducts training to meet established standards using the assist and insist method.

00G3X Drill Sergeant

Functions as a Drill Sergeant for a Basic Combat Training (BCT) Battery; supervises and coordinates with subordinate Drill Sergeants to conduct Initial Entry Training; accountable for inspecting, managing, and tracking Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers; delivers training to meet established standards; counsels Soldiers to support their transition into the Army; trains new enlisted Soldiers in subjects such as Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), Drill and Ceremonies, Uniform Wear and Appearance, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Army Core Values, Warrior Task Training, and Personnel Accountability.

00G3X Drill Sergeant

Performs duties as a Drill Sergeant in a Basic Combat Training Platoon, comprising up to 60 Initial Entry Training Soldiers in each 10-week cycle; fulfills the mission of transforming civilians into competent and confident Soldiers; upholds the highest standards while teaching the fundamentals of Soldiering; assists in preparing, executing, and evaluating rifle marksmanship training, combat fitness training, and common task skills training; fosters discipline and ensures the well-being of the assigned Soldiers; assists in the accountability of over $200,000 worth of equipment.

First Sergeant 00G5M

Serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the commander of Bravo Company 1/415th (Drill Sergeants) and supports and conducts battle-focused training for IET soldiers, Army Reserve Units, National Guard Units, and ROTC commands; oversees training, administration, discipline, professional development, personnel accountability, safety, morale, and mentoring of all assigned Soldiers; maintains and cares for all equipment, including 70 weapons and ancillary gear valued at over $150,000; establishes and enforces high standards of conduct, training, professional development, and physical readiness; ensures all Drill Sergeants in the company are proficient in Army Warrior Tasks; assists the commander in planning, coordinating, executing, and supervising all activities.

First Sergeant 00G4M (First Sergeant Company)

Serves as the First Sergeant for a basic training company consisting of 24 Soldiers, including 12 Drill Sergeants, Drill Sergeant Candidates, Training NCO, and 2 Supply Sergeants; implements established policies and standards related to the training, mentoring, discipline, health, welfare, and physical fitness of all Soldiers; monitors the competence of Drill Sergeants in all areas of basic Soldiering skills; provides assistance and advice to the Commander and staff regarding enlisted Soldiers and their families; accompanies the Commander on inspections, visits, and ceremonies; holds formations.

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