• Served as an Ammunition Handler during the HHB 1-94 FAR M4 Zero and Qualification Ranges for HHB and 125th FSC soldiers, facilitating effective training.
  • Successfully navigated multiple convoys totaling 145 soldiers to the live fire zero range and qualification range, optimizing the use of limited range time.
  • Assisted in training MFF zeroing rifles, positional shooting, shooting while moving, and a combined skills stress course, expanding combat skillset exponentially.
  • Shuttled between the zero range and the qualification range to coach, assist, and mentor weak shooters during individual weapons qualification, exceeding FY goals.
  • Performed Platoon Sergeant duties with little to no supervision, instrumental in achieving a 100% zero for the battalion as the RSO of the M4 zero range.
  • Ensured his weapon system had no mechanical issues and was properly zeroed each iteration during the YTC rotation, enabling superior performance and recognition as the best of the troop’s gunners.
  • Acted as a Range Safety Officer for the M4 zero range, providing guidance for over 90 soldiers, and assisting the company in achieving 100% qualification two weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Conducted over 25 small arms ranges, covering the M4, M9, and M14, including Zero, Qualification, and both Short and Long Range Marksmanship concepts.
  • Facilitated over 20 buddy and team-level live fire exercises in shoot houses, with an emphasis on Close Quarters Battle training.
  • Clearly communicated and emphasized important concepts during IED Defeat lanes, leveraging experience gained from previous deployments.
  • Supplied mission support above and beyond required job duties by supporting another Battalion on the M16/M4 Zero range.
  • Ensured accurate accountability of ammunition, greatly contributing to the zeroing and qualification of 78 soldiers in support of the company’s Annual Training.
  • Provided instruction and supervision on the M-9 combat qualification range, improving student understanding of safety and accuracy.
  • Organized the distribution of 4900 rounds of ammunition while conducting familiarization fire on the MK-19 range, reducing delays by 30%.
  • Supervised mortar firing procedures, ensuring all mortar rounds were within the acceptable tolerance of target location error and observed safely.
  • Safely led personnel on over 30 ranges, covering weapons systems such as the M249, M240, and M2 .50CAL on both mounted and dismounted platforms.
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