• Demonstrated exceptional competence on every weapon system; his entire squad achieved expert qualification on their assigned weapon systems.
  • Conducted an inventory of over 1,000 small arms, small arms parts, and Foreign Military Sales items, ensuring positive control and accountability.
  • Maintained strict control and accountability of the unit’s weapons systems during the change of command layout.
  • Conducted extensive research and identified over 3,000 weapon discrepancies, ensuring accurate records and improving overall inventory management.
  • Trained and qualified 22 soldiers on the operation of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, resulting in expert qualification with the M249 and the M9.
  • Devoted himself to the completion of the wall-to-wall inventory mission, displaying unwavering dedication and commitment.
  • Safely led trained personnel on over 40 ranges, covering various weapons systems such as the M249, M240, and M2 .50 CAL on both mounted and dismounted platforms.
  • Demonstrated exceptional adaptability to unexpected assignments and scenarios, effectively overcoming challenges and achieving mission success.
  • Utilized his extensive experience gained from previous deployments to effectively communicate and emphasize critical concepts during IED Defeat lanes.
  • Segregated, identified, tagged, and staged over 100 battle-damaged weapons for demilitarization, ensuring proper disposition and compliance with regulations.
  • Successfully conducted over twenty buddy and team-level live fire exercises in shoot houses, with a strong emphasis on Close Quarters Battle training.
  • Initiated communication with the TACOM (Tank-automotive and Armaments Command) item manager to ensure appropriate conditions codes were applied to condemned weapons.
  • Served as the primary instructor during a 3-day SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) range, providing instruction to Polish JWK (Jednostka Wojskowa Komandos√≥w) on the capabilities and use of the weapon.
  • Recovered, identified, assessed, sorted, and tagged over 1,000 U.S. and captured weapons, resulting in significant cost savings of over $20,000 in temporary storage expenses.
  • Analyzed and assessed over 800 battle-damaged weapons, streamlining disposition processes and enhancing the overall inventory management of the Army.
  • Conducted twenty-six small arms ranges, covering the M4, M9, and M14, which included Zeroing, Qualification, and both Short and Long Range Marksmanship concepts.
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