Marksmanship, Individual

  • Distinguished himself as one of the top marksmen on Post during the III Corps Marksmanship Competition.
  • Ensured the RUGGED Marksmanship Team’s top ten placement and led the team in points scored for two of the three stages of the competition.
  • Qualified expert in both rifle marksmanship and hand grenades and earned a 291 APFT.
  • Qualified expert in both assigned weapons and marksman on crew-served weapons.
  • Was selected above his peers to attend the Polish Independence Day Weapons Competition at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.
  • Achieved a 3rd place finish in a highly competitive field of 30 other NATO soldiers and airmen.
  • Acted as team leader and led not only the state marksmanship team but also the CBTC marksmanship team to place and medal in every marksmanship match.
  • Placed in the top five as an individual and in the top three as a team during marksmanship competitions.
  • Attended the Governor’s Twenty marksman competition and placed second in the long gun category, defeating 17 other shooters.
  • Held first place until the final shot of the competition due to his expert grasp of basic and advanced rifle marksmanship and confidence in his assigned weapon system.
  • Broke the company record utilizing the M-24 and successfully engaging a target.

Marksmanship Training

  • Reorganized 2nd Platoon’s Long Range Marksmanship program, resulting in C Company receiving the highest aggregate score in the division on the last LRM qualifications.
  • Provided leadership and direction for five weapons ranges during his time at the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
  • Coached and mentored other soldiers to qualify in Basic Rifle Marksmanship, often with high marks such as sharpshooter.
  • Volunteered to assist as NCOIC or Range Safety whenever a range was scheduled.
  • Assisted other soldiers at the range in improving their overall marksmanship, enabling accuracy at greater distances and improved shot grouping.
  • Stored over 9,000 rounds of ammo, making it possible for C Company to conduct Army Warrior Task (AWT) training and marksmanship training, resulting in a 100% training rate for C Company.
  • Led trained personnel at over thirty ranges, covering weapons systems such as the M249, M240, and M2 .50CAL on both mounted and dismounted platforms.
  • Trained unit soldiers on marksmanship traits, facilitating a 100% M-16 weapons qualification and setting a new unit standard.
  • Conducted over twenty small arms ranges, covering the M4, M9, and M14, which included zeroing, qualification, and both short and long-range marksmanship concepts.
  • Assisted over 200 soldiers in marksmanship training, resulting in an average score of 28 and more than 100 soldiers obtaining a score of sharpshooter or expert on the M4 qualification range.
  • Created a TACSOP for the Ukrainian marksmanship program to implement and develop a standard that will be used for years to come.
  • Volunteered to assist as a range safety officer to make maximum use of all available lanes.
  • Selected to coach soldiers in proper shooting fundamentals due to his knowledge of basic rifle marksmanship skills.
  • Prepared his gun team for a combat deployment on “Prepare To Deploy” Orders.
  • Motivated the platoon through numerous live-fire exercises at the team, squad, and platoon levels.
  • Coached his soldiers in marksmanship to achieve expert machine gun qualifications.
  • Served as the primary marksmanship instructor for M9 pistol qualifications, leading 14 personnel from Det 13 and several other mobilizing detachments through PMCS, training, and ultimately through range qualifications with all personnel qualifying.
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