Food Inspection NCO

  • Selected above peers to serve as the Food Inspection NCOIC during a period of severe personnel shortage, demonstrating exceptional capabilities and achieving excellent results.
  • Provided vital training to 23 civilian vendors before 2 major installation special events, ensuring proper food safety practices and preventing any foodborne illness outbreaks.
  • Organized and trained 16 Soldiers prior to a Management Control Process inspection, ensuring adherence to all SOPs and policies through the creation of battle books.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of equipment and supplies valued at $550,000 across three geographically separated installations, without any losses.
  • Worked diligently with clinic staff to improve tracking of responsibilities by implementing a tasking spreadsheet, greatly improving cohesion and teamwork.
  • Ensured Soldier compliance with all DoD safety programs and policies, resulting in zero incident reports.
  • Selected for the Food and Water Defense mission at the AUSA conference, playing a crucial role in ensuring food safety for high-ranking officials from various countries.
  • Excelled as the NCOIC of Fort Belvoir’s Funeral Honor Detail, receiving several accolades for the outstanding performance of the team during multiple funerals.
  • Organized and set up 6 ACS events, enabling the section to contribute over 400 hours of community service and fostering a positive image in the local community.

Vet Srv NCO/68R20

  • Increased soldier skills in Decon of Canines, MOPP operations, and M50 pro mask operations, significantly improving the CBRN readiness of the 218th Medical Veterinary Detachment Service Support.
  • Led food security, sanitation, animal treatment, and vulnerability assessments for eight months, providing critical support to over 12,500 Coalition forces.

Food Inspector NCO

  • Achieved a commendable rating during the annual Management Control Process inspection, impressing the district warrant officer and resulting in no findings of material weakness.
  • Provided mitigation strategies for risks identified at 23 facilities during the annual IFVA, significantly enhancing food safety and security at Fort Meade Garrison.
  • Supported the 2014 Public Health Command Best Warrior competition, delivering realistic training to 12 Soldiers and ensuring the overall success of the competition.
  • Served as the Training NCO for the Fort Belvoir Branch, effectively managing all mandatory Army training requirements for 35 branch Soldiers and civilians in a timely manner.
  • Developed two weeks of food inspection and animal care training for eight reserve food inspectors, improving mission readiness for their upcoming deployment.
  • Coordinated three unit fundraising projects, raising over $1,500 to support Soldier welfare and recreational activities, greatly boosting overall unit morale.
  • Emphasized the importance of safety to his Soldiers, resulting in zero safety accidents or injuries within the branch.
  • Ensured daily PERSTATS requirements were submitted on time, maintaining full accountability and safety for 35 Soldiers and civilians.
  • Provided food safety and sanitation information to the community during National Food Safety Month, promoting public awareness and education.
  • Successfully managed all aspects of the unit’s food safety operations as the senior food inspection NCO, ensuring mission success throughout the rating period.
  • Cross-trained 68Ts on the technical aspects of food inspection, expanding the pool of available Soldiers to address food safety issues despite being understaffed.
  • Consistently demonstrated the ability to proactively and intelligently respond to complex tasking requirements from higher headquarters.
  • Obtained an impressive zero finding rating with only three observations during the MCP inspection of the NCO Section in the fiscal year.
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