• Selected by the Battalion Commander as the Battalion UPL (Unit Prevention Leader) representative, resulting in successfully passing over 10 annual UPL certifications.
  • Served as the primary UPL for the Support Command, consistently meeting or exceeding annual requirements. Assisted installation alcohol and drug control officers in training subordinate battalions.
  • Chosen to fulfill duties as a company UPL NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) due to exceptional leadership abilities and strict adherence to Army standards.
  • Certified as a UPL, providing support to the Commander’s program through 15 testing, training, and awareness events.
  • Maintained a strict but fair program, ensuring both individuals and the mission remained on track.
  • Demonstrated an ability to quickly learn and assume responsibility for critical programs, resulting in additional duties assigned as the Unit Prevention Leader and oversight of DTMS (Digital Training Management System) and TAMIS (Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity) programs.
  • Assisted in arranging and conducting the unit urinalysis for the 7214th Army Reserve TMC (Troop Medical Clinic) Detachment at Port Hueneme Naval Base.
  • Obtained necessary urinalysis supplies and forms to successfully accomplish the unit’s urinalysis mission.
  • Upheld unit standards and promoted community health through a professional Unit Prevention program.
  • Facilitated the screening of 212 military members, playing a crucial role in the success of three unit inspections, two of which occurred during indirect fire.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail while enforcing the Army’s zero-tolerance drug policy.
  • Displayed maturity as a leader and consistently upheld Army standards.
  • One of only two Soldiers qualified to conduct urinalysis testing, revitalizing a critical program.
  • Tested 100% of the company’s soldiers with zero deficiencies noted upon turnover of samples to the state lab.
  • Established a new detachment UPL program, conducting research and acquiring all necessary equipment, supplies, and regulations to ensure a successful program.
  • Embraced an unpopular duty, validating the unit’s commitment to quality and adherence to standards.
  • Facilitated the Battalion Drug Reduction program, actively observing 77 urinalysis tests and enhancing substance abuse prevention efforts.
  • Served as the Urinalysis Monitor, observing 76 individuals and ensuring the flawless functioning of the program to maintain a drug-free military.
  • Volunteered as the assistant urinalysis coordinator, demonstrating dedication and attention to detail to uphold a zero-tolerance approach.
  • Trained and qualified six soldiers as urinalysis observers, significantly increasing overall readiness for Fort Stewart.
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