Senior Supply Sergeant

  • I provided blocking and bracing equipment to three companies, resulting in improved condition of delivered equipment and optimized containerized transport.
  • I equipped three companies with blocking and bracing supplies, facilitating the rapid deployment of two Battalions within the 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command.
  • I ensured the smooth running of the MICO’s AT mission, meeting all of the Battalion’s requirements, including Warrior Stakes, M4 IWQ, M320, M240, M249, and M17 Range Qualifications.
  • I received commendation from BDE leadership for my unwavering commitment to my soldiers, maintaining a constant presence and poise during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • I established critical relationships that expanded logistical support throughout the KTO (Kuwait Theater of Operations), effectively resourcing vital supplies during the pandemic.
  • I demonstrated impeccable foresight and long-term planning abilities, resulting in zero accidents and property loss during the rated period.
  • I consistently earned commendable ratings, setting the foundation for the BDE GPC (Government Purchase Card) SOP through my procedures and records management.
  • I led low-density training for the BDE, significantly increasing property accountability and reducing the number of Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPLs) for three consecutive quarters.

Supply Specialist

  • The Regional Contracting Center recognized me for my professionalism and technical expertise as a KBOSSS (Kuwait Base Operations and Security Support Services) COR (Contracting Officer’s Representative).
  • I confidently briefed the CSB (Contracting Support Brigade) to the ASG-KU (Area Support Group – Kuwait) Commander and several key leaders, providing vital contract oversight information.
  • As the ASG-KU SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention) Victim Advocate, I conducted weekly newcomers briefings, ensuring 100% reporting procedure awareness.
  • I successfully resourced 191,450 cases of water for five base camps, supplying critical life support to over 20,000 soldiers for joint operations.
  • I re-organized the S&S (Supply and Services) SharePoint page, simplifying site navigation and streamlining customer service for deployed units.
  • As the TCO (Telecommunications Officer), I managed the maintenance and accounted for 118 phones and computers valued at $28,000.
  • I was selected over three peers to serve as the interim S&S NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge), effectively managing 11 contract areas providing life support to the KU-AOR (Kuwait Area of Responsibility).
  • I restructured the Retrograde Inspection Checklist, ensuring 100% compliance with the Performance Work Statement (PWS).
  • I mentored and imparted knowledge to a new section NCOIC and OIC (Officer in Charge), ensuring a seamless transition within the S&S section.
  • Despite manning constraints and critical MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) shortages, I cross-trained four non-logistical soldiers on S&S operations, overcoming operational challenges.
  • I revised the section’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and created customer sample packets, resulting in minimized errors and improved support capabilities.
  • I successfully prepared one soldier to win the Directorate Soldier of the Quarter Board.
  • I supervised the turn-in of 2,116 containers during ONN (Operation New Norm) and returned $7,251,040 worth of supplies to the Army supply system.
  • While maintaining a 3.86 GPA, I earned a CLA (Certified Logistics Associate) and an Associate’s Degree in General Studies.
  • I developed a crisis contingency plan for Class I (subsistence), ensuring improved readiness for ASG-KU during unforeseen emergencies.


  • I fielded just under 4 million dollars of force modification equipment, significantly raising the unit’s supply readiness level by 37%.


  • I functioned proficiently in the 92Y20 position with no training, picking up and running the unit through three change of commands, property book split, and reintegration.

Unit Supply NCO

  • I demonstrated a pattern of superior performance during the preparation, execution, and recovery of Operation Winter Wolf.
  • As the Unit Supply NCO, I showcased an unmatched level of foresight, competence, and professionalism.
  • I significantly contributed to the mission survival and success of Operation Winter Wolf.
  • I exhibited outstanding leadership and technical skills, managing the entire FD (Field Dining) budget and ensuring flawless bookkeeping for over $900K spent.
  • I researched and verified supply requirements, staying up-to-date on new requirements and ensuring timely receipt of supplies while adhering to the budget.
  • During a recent budget crisis, my forward-thinking approach ensured the facility had enough cleaning supplies to last.
  • I demonstrated exceptional competence by establishing a unique GPC tracking system, ensuring unmatched accountability.
  • I maintained accurate supply records in accordance with regulations, resulting in complete accountability of supplies and equipment.
  • I efficiently inventoried, managed, and distributed property valued at $50,000.00, achieving zero loss of the commander’s organizational property.

Supply NCOL

  • I maintained unit records in accordance with applicable regulations for the Troop Command COMET inspection, achieving an overall score of 99% on CSDP (Command Supply Discipline Program).
  • I executed assigned and implied tasks without supervision, including the transport of 184 pieces of equipment to new arms and supply rooms without any losses.
  • I provided guidance and advice to 11 officers and one senior NCO on ten major logistical and personnel platforms, including PBUSE (Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced), SAMS-E (Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced), and LOGSA (Logistics Support Activity).
  • I efficiently managed office supply and expendable item processes.
  • I meticulously rebuilt over 20 component listing documents in the PBUSE system, significantly improving the unit’s ability to accurately recognize and fill shortages.
  • I effectively managed, inventoried, and distributed MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) property valued at $48,789,582, resulting in zero loss of the commander’s organizational property.
  • I accounted for 100% of all SSA (Supply Support Activity) supply requisitions, earning a commendable rating for my strict adherence to the CSDP.
  • As the senior logistics advisor for 581 personnel in an Aviation Maintenance organization, I reduced delays for parts by 50%.
  • I performed supervisory duties for 16 logistical personnel, ensuring proper guidance, mentorship, and training throughout California.
  • I conducted monthly classes for subordinates, expanding their job knowledge and ensuring maximum supply efficiency.
  • I ensured the accountability and serviceability of $65 million worth of property, returning $40,000 to the unit at the end of the fiscal year.
  • I conducted inventories and maintained records in accordance with regulations and standard operating procedures, resulting in improved fiscal foresight and budgeting.
  • I incorporated an aggressive Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) training plan for all supply personnel, significantly reducing losses of government property.
  • I researched and determined the disposition of excess material, reclaiming over $20,000 in maintenance funds.
  • I processed receipts and cancellations and meticulously maintained accountability, resulting in perfect accounting of $25 million in excess equipment.
  • I analyzed statistical data and created briefings for superiors, identifying trends, conformance to standards, directives, and efficiency.
  • I conducted end-to-end logistical planning, including joint, conventional, and modular logistics during full spectrum operations, significantly improving readiness.
  • I effectively managed the Government Purchase Card (GPC) program, sustaining unit-level operations.
  • I analyzed maintenance and readiness data utilizing automated systems, determining unit equipment readiness shortfalls and taking proactive action to restore readiness.

Supply Sergeant

  • I managed over 671 pieces of property book equipment, worth over 2.1 million dollars, resulting in zero losses or damage while supporting two FTXs (Field Training Exercises) and two ATs (Annual Training).
  • I led soldiers to display initiative in the absence of orders, resulting in an independent and decentralized section capable of efficiently conducting critical supply activities.
  • I motivated soldiers to achieve a high standard of excellence in all commodity shops, ensuring enforcement of battalion, brigade, and division standards throughout.
  • I counseled one junior NCO and four soldiers on company supply systems, resulting in a fully capable section that consistently enhanced the unit’s mission success.
  • I ensured the effective and efficient enforcement of the Command Supply Discipline Program, resulting in soldiers’ comprehension and adherence to all supply standards.
  • I coached, mentored, and imparted knowledge to a new Supply Sergeant and Supply Clerk, resulting in zero loss of efficiency within the company supply systems.
  • I maintained accountability of 1,422 items of organizational equipment, valued at over $5 million, during the ITC (Integrated Training Cycle), achieving zero losses or discrepancies.
  • I managed the company budget, prioritized COEI (Component of End Item) shortages, and successfully filled 6,494.60 shortages, significantly improving the company’s capabilities.
  • I completed a 204-page Company Property Book Encyclopedia, including pictures and information on every end item, COEI, and BII (Basic Issue Item) on the property book.
  • I initiated my nomination to compete in the Supply Excellence Award for FY 11-12, constantly seeking to improve my knowledge of logistics.
  • I received commendations from the Division Inspector and G-4 for the organizational and supply systems implemented, recommended for the Unit Supply Excellence Award.
  • I was identified by the Division G-4 for my knowledge of logistics, recognized as a gifted leader whose performance marked me as the quintessential professional within the logistics realm.
  • I maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment, valued in excess of 15 million dollars.
  • As the sole supply sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, TF Spartan, I supported over 550 soldiers at FOB Finley-Shields.
  • My assistance to logistics personnel in other units of JLTF 7 (Joint Logistics Task Force 7) was instrumental in ensuring the task force exceeded its assigned mission.
  • I developed and maintained an accurate tracking mechanism to account for all classes of supply, far exceeding the standard.
  • I established Unit Supply Operations in an area with no life support, obtaining all necessary supplies to support combat operations.
  • I maintained strict accountability over $200,000 worth of government equipment.
  • I provided support for over 20 vehicle convoys in and around the City of Al Hillah, Iraq.
  • My hard work and attention to detail during pre-mobilization and mobilization ensured the unit arrived in theater ready to accept all duties and accomplish all missions immediately.
  • I trained and mentored two soldiers to successfully compete for and win Soldier of the Month in the 92Y30 MOS.
  • I demonstrated exceptional MOS knowledge, managing three Property Book Hand Receipts and 35 Sub-hand receipt holders for equipment valued over $25 million in the 92Y30 position.
  • I promoted teamwork at all levels of logistical operations within the Task Force by assisting all cells with procurement.
  • I diligently made sure sections updated hand receipts for assigned equipment.
  • I always volunteered for advanced operations to ensure equipment was in place for the main body.

Supply NCO

  • I assisted the TAC G4 office Primary Hand Receipt Holder in inspecting and laterally transferring crew-served weapons and ammunition to the unit property book without any deficiencies.
  • I arranged for the safe transportation of crew-served weapons to Camp Phoenix for technical and acceptance inspection.
  • I provided forklift support to Marine EOD specialists and ANA (Afghan National Army) forces for downloading and movement of HMMWV Mine Rollers.
  • I volunteered to assist and train ANA on ground operations at Camp Blackhorse.
  • I offered critical forklift support to the Marines and ANA forces at Pol-E-Charki, Afghanistan.
  • I coordinated crane support to load three TAC containers, two HMMWVs, and a trailer onto trucks for transportation to Gamberi Garrison.
  • Using a forklift, I helped move tri-wall boxes into storage containers in preparation for the TAC’s relocation to Gamberi Garrison.

Property Book NCO

  • I received recognition from the 8th Army Commander and CSM (Command Sergeant Major) for rewriting the arms room standing operating procedures (92Y40G3).
  • I volunteered for three successful deployments to Iraq in support of operations.
  • I enabled the battalion’s successful completion of its army training and evaluation programs and two major field exercises.
  • I maintained careful oversight and achieved zero Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPLs) over eight Change of Commands and two deployments.
  • I produced significantly improved supply programs for the battalion.
  • I was selected to participate in honor guard activities.
  • My property book management was integral to lateral transfers that reduced inefficiency and improved accountability of unit arms room equipment valued at over $100,000.

Unit Supply Sergeant

  • I maintained extreme jurisprudence in ensuring 100% accountability of over $39.5M worth of equipment, resulting in zero losses.
  • I improved battalion supply, maintenance, and financial programs, leading to a 20% increase in battalion equipment serviceability rates.
  • I administered supply and logistics so well that the battalion completed its Army Training and Evaluation Programs and two major field exercises ahead of schedule.
  • I was recognized by the squadron commander for my phenomenal property accountability procedures during change of command and unit reset operations.
  • I consistently needed reminders to counsel and mentor soldiers on a regular basis, indicating an area for improvement.
  • I placed first during the 504th MP Bn (Military Police Battalion) command supply discipline inspection.
  • I maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment, worth in excess of $5.5 million.
  • I arranged specialized transportation for the deployment of six working dogs and six working dog teams to Iraq.
  • My efforts during pre-mobilization and mobilization ensured the unit arrived in theater equipped and ready for missions.
  • I provided material support for over 25 vehicle convoys in and around the City of Al Hillah, Iraq.
  • I was selected by the 42nd CSM (Command Sergeant Major) to instruct the JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Post-Partum physical training program.
  • I consolidated and maintained stock of repair parts during the movement from FOB Delta to COS (Contingency Operating Site) Kalsu ALSU (Army Logistics Support Unit), ensuring minimal downtime for the maintenance section.

Taking inventory with scanner – BN S4 NCO / 92Y40

  • I coordinated the successful redeployment of 1,300 personnel and their equipment from Iraq to the U.S. for an 11-company strong BN (Battalion).
  • I supervised all mandatory clearing activities from COB (Contingency Operating Base) Adder and Kuwait of 11 companies and the BN.
  • My oversight contributed to zero containers being delayed in Kuwait during redeployment.
  • As the NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) of ADVON (Advanced Echelon), I was instrumental in the successful throughput of BN soldiers and equipment to the U.S.
  • My section operated at a high level of professionalism during the final months of deployment when attention can be diverted.
  • I recognized all soldiers in my section for missions completed during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) 09-11.
  • I mentored junior supply sergeants through the redeployment process, utilizing my experience from previous redeployments.
  • I executed a comprehensive RIP-TOA (Relief in Place – Transfer of Authority) with the incoming BN.
  • I continuously trained CO supply sergeants in accountability during the final months to ensure no surprises during redeployment.
  • I was responsible for the successful input in LIW (Logistics Information Warehouse) and tracking of BN equipment into the RESET program to the final turn-in at Ft. Hood.
  • I ensured 100% accountability of BN sensitive items from Iraq to the U.S.
  • I played an instrumental role in zero shortages in forward property books when merged to rear property books.

92Y40 Battalion Supply Accounting NCO

  • I brought an inherited unsatisfactory BN S4 supply section to a commendable rating of 100% of all units’ Hand Receipts inventoried and signed within three months.
  • I was nominated by the Chief of Staff Army for the Supply Excellence Award program by the 648th RSG (Reserve Support Group).
  • I was nominated for the nation’s Ten Outstanding Americans for true dedication to the unit’s mission and the ability to go above and beyond expected.

Unit Supply Specialist

  • I processed over 250 DTS’s (Defense Travel System) and more than 200 orders in a three-month period.
  • I successfully moved $3 million worth of equipment while maintaining 100% accountability.
  • My willingness to step up and operate the PBUSE (Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced) workstation prevented mission failure.
  • I overhauled company supply operations, resulting in a seamless change of command inventory with no FLIPL actions initiated for the outgoing Commander.
  • My military bearing, tact, and professionalism were well beyond my pay grade level.
  • I maintained supply records for the entire HHD (Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment).
  • I coordinated billeting, linen, transportation, meals, and supplies throughout the duration of the mission, ensuring no lapse in support.
  • In the absence of leadership, I took the lead to prevent mission failure.
  • I conducted myself in a manner typically displayed by a senior NCO.
  • I coordinated S4 issues with military assets, key leader engagements, and ASA Fort Dix civilians competently and efficiently.

Senior Supply Sergeant 92Y402S

  • I was inducted into the Order of Saint Martin by USAREUR G4 in recognition of my cumulative contributions to USAREUR and the 172D Infantry Brigade.
  • I achieved commendable ratings in four areas during the CIP (Command Inspection Program) inspection conducted by the Material Support Center-Korea in Fiscal Year 2012.
  • I successfully completed training on the Force And Asset Search Tool, annual Defense Travel System, IG (Inspector General) concepts and systems, EOL (End of Life), SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention), and the inspection process.
  • I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management from the University of Phoenix with a 3.38 Grade Point Average.

Property Accounting NCO

  • I proficiently maintained direct responsibility for property book records worth over one billion dollars, which comprised military and commercial Class VII equipment.
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