Unit RESET Planner Duty Descriptions

Unit RESET Planner

As the Unit RESET Planner, one of my key responsibilities is to manage and review various reports to ensure accurate information and address any monthly updates. These reports include the California Automatic Reset Induction (ARI) Monthly Report, California Left Behind Equipment (LBE) / Unit Maintained Equipment report, and the California Separate Reporting Units (SRU) Monthly Report. Furthermore, I provide briefings to deploying units, Supply Sergeants, and Commanders on how to upload their equipment into the Unit Reset Planner in LIW, ensuring a smooth process.

Unit RESET Planner

In my role as the Unit RESET Planner, I collaborate closely with the BCT Support Operations Office or S-4 to coordinate reset operations planning. This involves coordinating with the rear detachment, Army field support battalion (AFSBn), directorate of logistics (DOL), and division or post G-4 to determine the specifics of equipment reset, including how, where, and when it will take place, as well as the brigade’s priorities. Emphasizing personal responsibility, I focus on Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), night vision devices (NVDs), and individual weapons. Additionally, I conduct inventories of unit equipment, requisition and issue new equipment as needed, and evaluate and arrange individual training as part of the reset process.

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