Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) Duty Descriptions


As the Unit Prevention Leader, I am responsible for carrying out the Commander’s intent regarding the prevention of drug use within the unit. One of my key duties is to obtain and maintain urinalysis supplies and forms. I also take charge of developing and delivering educational material to educate Battalion members on the consequences of illegal drug use. Maintaining strict control of materials is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the program. In collaboration with staff, medical personnel, and unit representatives, I schedule and conduct unit urinalysis in accordance with UCMJ and regulation requirements. Additionally, I provide written and verbal testimony for courts-martial cases to support the enforcement of a drug-free military.


In the role of the Unit Prevention Leader (UPL), I am responsible for maintaining and executing the installation Urinalysis Program. This involves developing and implementing a random sampling schedule to ensure that 10 percent of personnel undergo testing. I prioritize fairness and randomness in testing, ensuring that all individuals, including tenant units, are subject to testing. Obtaining and stocking necessary materials for the program is part of my responsibilities. I coordinate and conduct urinalysis testing, ensuring that the collection, storage, and shipment of samples are in compliance with DoD Policy. Maintaining a positive chain of custody is essential. Moreover, I train unit assistants in the collection, packaging, and recording process and enforce the Army’s zero-tolerance drug policy.

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