• Demonstrated tireless dedication in preparing for the change of command layout, resulting in zero deficiencies found in the arms room for the first time in 5 years.
  • Took full responsibility for the change of command layout, showcasing personal initiative and efficiency that set the standard for future layouts.
  • Successfully trained three Soldiers to become company armorers within a span of four months.
  • Served as the Task Force Wings Armorer throughout the deployment period.
  • Maintained the arms room at over 90% mission readiness during redeployment and company refit operations.
  • Immeasurably aided in establishing the NIE (Network Integration Evaluation) Transient Arms Room through relentless efforts as the Task Force Armorer.
  • Selected arms room recognized as a representative of the Brigade during the 8th Army AAME (Army Award for Maintenance Excellence) inspection.
  • Demonstrated a proactive approach to problem-solving, effectively eliminating significant issues typically encountered in physical security.
  • Showed foresight and thorough preparation, ensuring smooth mission operations and meeting all battalion requirements.
  • Exceeded all standards while working as the acting platoon armorer in the arms room, even without formal training.
  • Reorganized the arms room to enhance freedom of movement and operational efficiency during equipment issuance and returns.
  • Identified and documented all equipment and sensitive item deficiencies, resulting in reduced maintenance turnaround time and improved readiness.
  • SGT Young’s unwavering commitment to excellence and devotion to duty played an indispensable role in receiving a commendable rating on the Battalion’s Arms Room inspection.
  • Selected over 75 other Soldiers to be the Bravo Company armorer due to exceptional work ethic, personal responsibility, and accountability.
  • Diligence and commitment to the unit earned a superior grade and zero deficiencies during the Readiness Assistance visit.
  • Set the standard for the battalion by achieving a perfect score of 100% on armament and weapon systems inspections as well as physical security inspections.
  • Deployed the arms room and all supporting materials to Afghanistan.
  • Ensured mission readiness by sandbagging the entrance to the arms room during a hurricane, preserving its dry condition.
  • Conducted scheduled and unscheduled 20-level maintenance on TPE (Table of Property and Equipment) and organizational equipment, ensuring all assets were ready for issue.
  • Provided instruction to fellow Soldiers on identifying and rectifying crucial deficiencies that render the M7 Weapon System non-mission capable.
  • Ensured that thousands of Soldiers and Sailors were armed and prepared for the challenges of combat.
  • Pursued continuous improvement of arms room functionality.
  • Developed a key control system that efficiently organized keys for billets, the FST (Field Support Team) facility, and vehicles, resulting in over a 50% increase in accessibility.
  • Performed armorer duties to the best of their ability.
  • Prepared the unit for a 9-month deployment to the ARCENT (U.S. Army Central) AOR (Area of Responsibility) in support of Operation Spartan Shield (2013-14).
  • Efficiently organized the storage and issuance of weapons in the unit armory, prioritizing efficiency and safety.
  • Cleared the way for the unit to successfully complete their training missions through proactive actions and involvement.
  • Accountable for over $2,000,000 worth of high-value equipment while serving as the company’s armorer.
  • Rewrote the shop’s external and internal operations Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Played a key role in the turn-in of $70,000 worth of small arms parts, resulting in a positive budget balance for the first time in 3 years.
  • Conducted daily inventories of sensitive items and ammunition without fail, earning the title of the most dependable Soldier with zero losses.
  • Maintained accountability of 20 M4 Rifles and 5 M107 sniper rifles and other weapon equipment.
  • Ensured the company recovered 100% of all sensitive items issued after completion of the range, completing the task within hours instead of days.
  • SGT Young’s efforts directly influenced the unit’s training success and arms room accountability.
  • Demonstrated exceptional flexibility by working outside their normal Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) as the unit armorer and cross-training as a wheeled vehicle mechanic.
  • Responsible for the arms room achieving a perfect one hundred percent score on the Medical Brigade AAME inspection.
  • Successfully recovered all issued equipment during redeployment from Operation Enduring Freedom 9-11.
  • Contributed to the overall success of the armament team’s mission by actively sharing information learned from the previous year’s annual training and applying it to annual training in 2013.
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