• Provided exceptional guidance and advice to the Battalion Standardization Instructor regarding all aspects of the non-rated flight training program.
  • Consistently anticipated mission requirements, enabling the command to act swiftly and precisely.
  • Developed a novel Battalion-level gunnery program that ensured full compliance with all Army Aviation gunnery publications and standards.
  • Offered advice, tracked, and organized all Battalion UH-60 NRCM (Non-Rated Crew Member) manning, confirming the readiness of all companies for mission completion.
  • Always available to provide direction, advice, and education to NRCM personnel on training and development standards.
  • Efficiently scheduled and planned all gunnery events for the Battalion over a span of one year.
  • Provided direct guidance and advice to five standardization instructors within the Battalion, preparing them for an upcoming ARMS (Aviation Resource Management Survey) inspection.
  • Trained and mentored two troopers for the standardization instructors course, both of whom subsequently met or exceeded all standards for class completion.
  • Demonstrated exemplary coaching skills during the M-240 ground range qualification, resulting in 63 fully qualified aircrew members.
  • First standardization instructor to guide the company through Table XII aerial gunnery, leading to 21 aircrews achieving full qualification.
  • Maintained the necessary level of fitness to successfully accomplish the mission and expected the same from fellow Soldiers.
  • Completed assigned tasks promptly and exerted sufficient effort to ensure that duties and responsibilities met leadership expectations.
  • Served as the lane safety officer during Delta Company’s PR (Preliminary Marksmanship) range, ensuring the safety of over 15 Soldiers.
  • Recognized opportunities and took decisive action within the commander’s intent, ensuring the accomplishment of every mission.
  • Mission-focused NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) who performed outstanding crew chief duties during the BN’s (Battalion’s) Aerial Gunnery and 1st BCT’s (Brigade Combat Team’s) CALFEX (Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise).
  • Enthusiastically shared lessons learned with every Soldier throughout the company, preparing them all for increased leadership responsibilities.
  • Dedicated NCO who stepped up and volunteered to participate in JRTC 17-06 (Joint Readiness Training Center) in place of another Soldier.
  • Developed Soldiers through motivation, mentoring, and coaching, resulting in five Soldiers completing over 250 hours of correspondence courses.
  • Mentored one Soldier for the promotion board, enabling them to achieve promotable status.
  • Influential NCO whose unwavering dedication to the unit translated into 600 man-hours and 123 flight hours in support of Viper company.
  • Truly devoted NCO whose direct leadership led to the company maintaining an 86.4% operational readiness rate.
  • Ensured 100% accountability and serviceability of tools valued over $13,000.
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