• Reorganized the Joint Operations Center Fragmentation Order library, addressing shortcomings and creating a more robust and accurate reference for senior leadership at the O-6/GO level.
  • Acted as a joint service liaison, ensuring that all coalition service members and contractors had adequate water and equipment.
  • Assisted the Battle NCO in updating the Commander and providing situational awareness on weather updates, logstats, perstat, medical evacuation status, and ongoing operations.
  • Choreographed the battalion’s operations across two Areas of Responsibility (AORs), sustaining support for all units with limited resources.
  • Conducted daily briefings, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and the inclusion of all affected decision makers.
  • Coordinated daily with the Pacific Air Force Command Sensitive Operations Center to support COMSEC (Communications Security) requirements.
  • Delivered sound guidance to senior Tactical Operation Center personnel on battlefield reporting, surveillance operations, and equipment management.
  • Demonstrated initiative by cross-training in other positions while maintaining a high level of military bearing and professionalism.
  • Developed reporting and tracking sheets, eliminating reporting shortfalls and redundant efforts.
  • Ensured maneuver forces had timely and accurate information on insurgent activities in the brigade’s AOR, contributing to the protection of coalition forces.
  • Ensured the ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) Tactical Operations Center (TOC) could transmit and receive critical battlefield data, proficiently maintaining and operating communication systems.
  • Facilitated enhanced situational awareness of airspace issues for the Brigade Commander and staff, enabling effective command and control on the battlefield.
  • Facilitated weekly briefs and teleconferences that were vital to the operation, guaranteeing the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center.
  • Filled various roles within the Brigade TOC, including Fire Support NCO, Electronic Warfare Officer, and Radio Telephone Operator (RTO).
  • Identified training gaps, developed and implemented training schedules, and coordinated with sections to ensure compliance.
  • Kept all units updated on current weather, LOGSTATS (Logistics Statistics), PERSTAT (Personnel Status), MedEvac (Medical Evacuation) status, and ongoing operations.
  • Maintained up-to-the-minute status reports and kept HQ (Headquarters) apprised of all changes, reducing response time.
  • Maintained constant situational awareness and accurately documented radio-telephone operator logs, providing well-documented shifts.
  • Mentored 1-113 Cav in the absence of their Fire Support NCO while simultaneously running the Brigade Fires Cell.
  • Monitored radio traffic, Blue Force Tracker, and mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) transmissions for over 200 combat and logistics patrols.
  • Notified the Command Team of Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Requirements (CCIRs) and NIPR (Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router) blackouts, reducing restoral times.
  • Performed tasks such as Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) and Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) operator.
  • Provided Close Air Support for the inflow of three CH-47 Chinooks in support of Operation Mongoose.
  • Provided up-to-the-minute information to warfighters, playing a crucial role in the successful completion of the mission.
  • Relayed critical time-sensitive information to the Battle Captain, facilitating integrated and effective operations.
  • Restored a sense of urgency to TOC activities and fostered team cohesion among a diverse group of NCOs.
  • Served as a liaison with the Navy and Coast Guard, promoting joint service unity and preserving unity of effort.
  • Set up advanced communication systems, such as the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), Command Post of the Future (CPOF), and Effects Management Tool (EMT), and established MIRC communication with other units.
  • Tracked the daily movement of 167 Soldiers and provided accurate accountability reporting to the Battalion S2.
  • Trained Soldiers on reporting and tracking requirements, equipment troubleshooting, and general TOC knowledge, improving efficiency and the brigade’s ability to provide accurate and timely reports.
  • Maintained vigilance, focus, and dependability while monitoring the radio alone, without distractions, every night, serving as a vital link for squads on patrol.
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