• Created over 80 user accounts for Task Force Orion, enabling instant and secure digital communication capabilities.
  • Installed various devices, including printers, Ubiquiti switches, MFD, and SVTC, on the network, expanding mission capabilities.
  • Reimaged and set up over 60 NIPR laptops designated for AFU personnel, connecting all Task Force participants.
  • Resolved 13 Local Area Network casualties and 8 CASREPs, preventing the need for contractor fees and saving costs.
  • Responded to 2,345 trouble tickets, reducing the average wait time for resolution by 50% over a period of 13 months.
  • Managed the procurement and lifecycle replacement of 677 computers worth $360k, expanding the 24/7 Defense Cyberspace Operations mission capability and ensuring high system availability.
  • Served as the system administrator for the 4th Sustainment Brigade rear detachment, fulfilling all IT requirements internally.
  • Led the installation and implementation of SCI IT for the successful completion of the MS Windows 7 Client and MS Windows Server migration across 10 remote sites, serving 300 users.
  • Oversaw 15 IP cutovers and resolved 113 tickets, ensuring reliable communications for units operating in the AFRICOM Area of Operation.
  • Facilitated the acquisition and installation of the latest communication technology, enhancing technical capabilities for the newly commissioned network.
  • Maintained 100% compliance with the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) regulations.
  • Supervised the re-imaging of all systems on the network, resulting in updated system software and compliance with new Fort Hood standards.
  • Updated all user agreements within the rear detachment and supporting units.
  • Assisted in the installation and operation of multichannel line-of-sight and tropospheric scatter communications systems and networks.
  • Performed unit-level maintenance on assigned communications equipment and assisted team members.
  • Led a team of 33 personnel in completing 14,200 PMS checks for three work centers.
  • Dedicated 250 hours to rebuilding the unclassified Local Area Network, reconfiguring servers and workstations to achieve 95% availability.
  • Pioneered the implementation and joint-service use of a technologically advanced broadband communications system in the SOCOM Community, increasing bandwidth by 100%.
  • Spent 40 hours reinstalling domain controllers, member servers, and workstations without downtime or data loss.
  • Ensured the corrective and preventive maintenance of virtual servers, server racks, and switches supporting two multinational exercises across three networks.
  • Committed 30 hours to restoring a Proxy server during a NIPR outage, restoring NIPR services to 900 customers and two COCOM commanders.
  • Contributed to the structuring and implementation of computer and network operations for the 4th Sustainment Brigade.
  • Demonstrated dedication and tireless efforts to ensure smooth and effective daily operations while maintaining security.
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