• Reviewed and revised the Soldier accountability and reporting system to ensure accurate accounting, improving the overall tracking and management of personnel.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all visitors, vendors, and service providers to the battalion, resulting in a 30% increase in security measures.
  • Processed required administrative paperwork during ongoing operations, contributing to the promotion of fellow soldiers and supporting their career advancement.
  • Accounted for and reported on 120 soldiers twice daily in a timely and accurate manner, receiving recognition from the Battalion Sergeant Major for exceptional performance.
  • Submitted weekly reports and conducted weekly command teleconferences, addressing a long-standing intelligence void and enhancing situational awareness.
  • Stepped up to the next level by assuming responsibility for daily sensitive item reports in the absence of the Team Leader, ensuring proper accountability and security measures.
  • Updated Defense Readiness Condition (DCO) and provided situational awareness on weather, logistical statistics (LOGSTATS), personnel statistics (PERSTAT), medical evacuation status, and ongoing operations.
  • Submitted accurate Readiness Assessment and Management System (RAMS) reports weekly, providing real-time visibility into defense readiness status.
  • Tracked the daily movement of 155 soldiers and provided 100% accurate accountability reporting to the Battalion S1, contributing to effective personnel management.
  • Demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and expert knowledge in reporting, making significant contributions to the organization’s operations.
  • Mastered Joint Personnel Status and Accounting (JPERSTAT) for over 1,000 personnel and provided training to subordinate battalion S1 personnel, ensuring accurate reporting across the organization.
  • Provided daily PERSTAT reports that were dependable and critical for readiness planning.
  • Distributed real-time strength reports to leadership, supplying essential information for critical command decisions.
  • Took the initiative to take over the Battalion Strength Report (BSR) and assisted in tracking over 500 personnel for the 2nd Battalion while assigned to the S1, ensuring accurate accounting.
  • Executed all required logistical preparations and reporting of logistical statuses, including the accounting of 125 weapons, ensuring accurate and timely information for logistics management.
  • Accurately handled all headcount requirements for 88 soldiers at unit meals, ensuring precise accounting and adequate support for troops.
  • Devoted time and effort to develop briefing and tracking aids, supporting accurate and timely reporting and tracking of personnel, equipment, and supplies across multiple operational locations.
  • Revised, consolidated, and executed Soldier outprocessing procedures to ensure accurate accounting during the transition process.
  • Trained Jordanian counterparts on map reading and collection/report management, enhancing overall situational awareness and reporting capabilities.
  • Provided sound counsel to senior Tactical Operation Center personnel on battlefield reporting, surveillance operations, and equipment management, contributing to effective decision-making and operational efficiency.
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