• Identified a pattern of sick call abuse by two members of the section before scheduled deployments and coordinated action with the First Sergeant to address the issue.
  • Led a headquarters company command through significant pre-mobilization challenges, demonstrating effective leadership and management skills.
  • Led a senior Brigade staff through an Annual Training period with elements scattered across Fort Indiantown Gap, successfully coordinating operations and ensuring mission readiness.
  • Played a significant role in further developing the Ukrainian CTC staff NCOs and enlisted soldiers by providing additional training, enhancing their skills and capabilities.
  • Established the standard to be met, which played a significant role in the unit’s success during Rapid Trident 2017, demonstrating exceptional leadership and setting high expectations.
  • Increased the care and well-being of soldiers through administrative support, ensuring their needs were met and contributing to a positive working environment.
  • Provided company SHARP representatives with guidance and materials for bulletin boards, security protocols, and training materials, improving awareness and promoting a safe and respectful environment.
  • Served as the unit Readiness NCO while the unit was deployed, effectively managing readiness and ensuring mission success.
  • Supervised the day-to-day operations of the admin staff, maintaining efficient administrative processes and supporting the unit’s overall mission.
  • Submitted 66 soldiers for NCOES on return from supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, prioritizing their professional development and advancement.
  • Planned and organized a 3-day Brigade Leadership Conference for Battalion and Company Commanders, Command Sergeant Majors, and First Sergeants, facilitating professional growth and collaboration among key leaders.
  • Identified training shortfalls and developed a training schedule, coordinating with sections to ensure compliance and readiness.
  • Followed up on training milestones, improving key coverage by 80% in less than 3 months, ensuring soldiers were properly trained and prepared.
  • Tracked and monitored training attendance by down trace units, ensuring compliance with training requirements and maintaining overall readiness.
  • Played a vital role by volunteering to handle all DA 31s (leaves and passes), effectively managing personnel leave and ensuring proper documentation and accountability.
  • Rescued a critically understaffed section, reorganizing processes and increasing the tracking of leaves and passes, improving efficiency and accountability.
  • Worked closely with Battalion to ensure adherence to all commander’s policies and position the unit for deployment, effectively supporting the unit’s mission and objectives.
  • Expertly supported numerous missions for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX, MRX, MDMP, BCST training events, showcasing exceptional skills and dedication.
  • The internship as Staff Duty NCO exposed him to the latest Command and Control tools, increasing his value to the team and contributing to mission success.
  • Operated as a member of a multinational training team tasked with training Ukrainian soldiers in long-range shooting skills, sharing knowledge and expertise to enhance their capabilities.
  • His knowledge and ability to communicate with all levels made him an invaluable member of his team, fostering effective collaboration and achieving mission success.
  • SSG Minot’s performance and support throughout several multi-branch events has been an immeasurable service to the 22nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, demonstrating dedication and contributing to the team’s success.
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