• Supervised a group of 6 soldiers, leading to significant knowledge and skills growth and ensuring that every individual training opportunity was maximized.
  • Exhibited unfailing leadership and assisted in the Army Combat Fitness Test train-up, resulting in a successful event with zero injuries and over 15 soldiers achieving passing scores.
  • Assumed the role of squad leader for the second squad, Charlie Company.
  • Demonstrated dedication to duty coupled with subject matter expertise, contributing to the unit’s achievement of mission objectives in producing fully mission-capable soldiers.
  • Immediately improved the distribution of information from leadership to soldiers, enhancing communication and overall effectiveness.
  • Played a major role in the organization and success of the LHI event, successfully accommodating 111 troops.
  • Served as a vital resource during TEMPER training, asserting himself as a subject matter expert and mentoring both enlisted personnel and officers.
  • Battle-tracked over 1,000 dismounted patrols and 1,200 mounted patrols in Iraq while serving as the command post NCOIC.
  • Selected to lead an infantry squad during Annual Training 2015, showcasing leadership abilities and earning the trust and respect of squad members.
  • Relentlessly pushed for excellence, cross-training 30 soldiers in engineer qualification tables to ensure the platoon’s success.
  • Stepped up and took charge of a squad of 8 soldiers in the absence of a squad leader, maintaining uninterrupted training and mission execution.
  • Prepared and completed 2 change of command inventories, ensuring smooth transitions of responsibility.
  • Achieved an expert qualification of 40/40 on assigned weapon and coached his entire squad to qualify as experts.
  • Streamlined administrative procedures, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Displayed tireless devotion to the safety and well-being of his soldiers, implementing composite risk management in all aspects of his team’s activities.
  • Acted as squad leader and platoon sergeant during training exercises, effectively leading and managing the unit.
  • Transformed his platoon from individual combat readiness to a well-oiled machine, optimizing performance and effectiveness.
  • Operated above his pay grade, coordinating soldier movement to training in the absence of his PSG.
  • Developed and instituted a load plan, ensuring the safe and timely movement of 60 soldiers to training with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Assisted in the planning and execution of over 200 combat patrols, escorting the battalion commander and battalion command sergeant major to 26 outposts.
  • Ensured the companies of the Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB) were properly equipped and prepared to support the Brigade Combat Team.
  • Deployed twice with the unit and excelled in multiple duty positions, demonstrating adaptability and expertise.
  • Mentored several soldiers to expert level, contributing to their professional growth and development.
  • Served as the NCOIC of the Land Nav course, qualifying 23 out of 25 soldiers.
  • Assisted the company XO with the logistics of moving the company to JRTC for the unit’s predeployment certification.
  • Prioritized the needs of the company and consistently worked overtime to meet strict timelines.
  • Served with distinction on two combat tours as a member of Bravo Company, demonstrating exceptional dedication and performance.
  • Played a critical role in Renegade Company’s success during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Earned the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Coveted Air Assault Badge, and an Army Achievement Medal for exemplary performance and achievements.
  • Received Distinguished Member of the Regiment honors for dedication to the 1st BN, 502nd Infantry Regiment.
  • Served selflessly on 2 combat tours, contributing to mission success and the welfare of fellow soldiers.
  • Trained, coached, and mentored countless soldiers, fostering their growth and development.
  • Trained over 10,000 cadets while deployed to the U.S. Military Academy, providing invaluable support to cadet summer training.
  • Graduated the Infantry Mortar Leaders Course on the Commandant’s List and completed the Warrior Leaders Course, demonstrating expertise and proficiency.
  • Served as acting platoon sergeant for 2nd Platoon, assuming leadership responsibilities and ensuring mission accomplishment.
  • Filled the role of PSG, maintaining accountability of all personnel, weapons, and equipment.
  • Maintained constant readiness and 100% accountability of his men and equipment at all times.
  • Her efforts and leadership aided immeasurably in the retrograde process of Patrol Base, Pul-E-Alam, contributing to mission success.
  • Assisted in building the gym, water point, and DFAC storage area, enhancing the living and working conditions of the unit.
  • His relentless efforts and “Can Do” attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding NCO.
  • Passed his APFTs with scores of 290, demonstrating exceptional physical fitness.
  • Received an “Exceeds Standards” rating during the last command inspection, showcasing exceptional performance and dedication.
  • Ran the ammunition point with operations, safety, and organization that were praised by the battalion CSM.
  • His remarkable performance as 2nd Squad Leader resulted in seizing Top Performance in Charlie Company’s May 2014 Training at Camp Bowie.
  • Performed duties normally assigned to an E-6, displaying competence and professionalism.
  • Provided coaching to squad members during STX Lane Evaluations, ensuring excellent execution by all squad members.
  • Oversaw night live fire operations, prioritizing the health and welfare of each soldier and maintaining 100% accountability of sensitive items.
  • His vigilance ensured that his squad operated at a high level and remained effective in the fight.
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