Sponsorship Program NCO Duty Descriptions

Role of MCoE Installation Sponsorship NCO/Liaison

The MCoE Installation Sponsorship NCO/Liaison is responsible for granting and removing Automated Sponsorship Tool (ACT) access to all Brigade (BDE) unit sponsorship coordinators and BDE Command Sergeant Major (CSM). They maintain duty appointment orders for all BDE Unit Sponsorship Coordinators (USC) and monitor over 20,000 Soldiers inbound/outbound to Fort Benning. They play a crucial role in mitigating Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) issues with Soldiers, Commands, and other installations. They provide monthly ACT reports to the Garrison Commander (CDR) and CSM. Additionally, they train all BDE coordinators on their roles and responsibilities within TASP. They also manage the assignments of Service Members (SM) in conjunction with the BDE’s responsibility for the morale and professional development of two Soldiers.

Role of Installation Sponsorship NCO

The Installation Sponsorship NCO provides assistance to Soldiers, civilian employees, and families during the reassignment process. They track inbound and outbound assignments and assign sponsors to individuals. They develop sponsor letter templates and coordinate with Army Community Service (ACS) relocation readiness services and base agencies to develop and produce sponsorship packages. They also train sponsors on their responsibilities and follow up with sponsors and new arrivals. They refer Soldiers to appropriate agencies for assistance and provide current and relevant information on housing availability, financial issues, the local area, and duties.

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