• Updated and corrected SGLI/DD 93 cards for over 200 soldiers, playing an invaluable role in the successful Soldier Readiness Processing of five units supporting Theater Support Group Detachment Alaska.
  • Provided timely and effective logistical support, which was critical to the 103d ESC’s ability to prepare for its wartime mission.
  • Worked around the clock on MOB packets for the 820th Company, ensuring that the troops were prepared and paperwork-ready for their upcoming deployment.
  • Developed an assessment plan and managed two soldiers while assisting the 98TH ESB in establishing their Soldier Readiness Program (SRP).
  • Provided transportation to and from the airport, South Fort Hood training site, Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP), medical appointments, and numerous training requirements for over 200 103d ESC soldiers preparing for deployment.
  • Issued clothing items and Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment (OCIE) for all soldiers, successfully accomplishing the 1006th Quartermaster’s Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) mission despite manning cuts.
  • Volunteered for a 14-day tour to ensure that 26 members were trained, equipped, and fully qualified to participate in readiness line activities.
  • Reviewed over 100 mobility folders and reformatted them in accordance with the latest regulations, resulting in zero discrepancies.
  • Ensured that all members were current in readiness requirements, including medical, dental, fitness, and security clearance factors, resulting in 100% readiness for the members.
  • Maintained an inventory of over $500,000 worth of vaccines, medical equipment, and supplies, accurately forecasting to ensure sufficient material support.
  • Monitored vaccines continuously and maintained an accurate Temperature Sensitive Medical Products log, ensuring proper storage and handling of vaccines.
  • Served as the Immunizations NCO for the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, exceeding medical requirements for deploying personnel.
  • Closed out the suspenses pending for the Deployment Readiness Manning Document for the Readiness Inspection.
  • Facilitated the unit Readiness Deployment processing line by recalling members to their specified timeframe and leading a comprehensive review of folders and equipment.
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