• Demonstrated aggressive management of shop activities, successfully completing 32 scheduled services despite limited manpower, funds, and equipment during holiday seasons and high operational tempo taskings.
  • Played a pivotal role in maintaining an exceptional equipment readiness rating of 98% for five consecutive months, consistently surpassing the DA standard by eight points.
  • Provided valuable assistance to the Motor Sergeant by contributing to 3rd Shop Level repairs, effectively reducing downtime and improving the readiness rating.
  • Skillfully arranged the turn-in of over 4 million dollars’ worth of class IX parts and excess equipment, resulting in a significant inventory reduction of over 30%.
  • Enforced strict adherence to OSHA and environmental regulations, ensuring a productive and safe work environment for mechanics.
  • Capably assumed the responsibilities of the Motor Sergeant, efficiently fulfilling his duties in addition to his own.
  • Implemented cross-training on the top-ten most common tasks of other shops, successfully navigating multiple TDYs while maintaining the current level of maintenance.
  • Played an instrumental role in the transport of 13 Mine Protected Vehicles (RG31s) for distribution to Battalion companies, ensuring the availability of necessary spares and support equipment.
  • Managed the maintenance of all vehicles during a 3-day convoy spanning over 500 miles, from the FOB in Paktika province to COP Kushmand, with no mechanical failures, despite challenging terrain.
  • Oversee the maintenance and repair of 10 wheeled vehicles during annual training at CSMS, significantly enhancing the operational readiness of the Battalion.
  • Conducted over 100 critical annual and semi-annual PMCSs on equipment, ensuring their continued reliability and performance.
  • Rapidly acquired additional skills and knowledge beyond primary MOS requirements to successfully complete the mission.
  • Replaced 8 engines and 11 transmissions on-site, saving time and resources that would have otherwise been spent shipping them to a depot.
  • Served as the acting 1SG of Bravo Company during annual training in 2011 at PTA, effectively fulfilling the responsibilities of the role.
  • Functioned as a wrecker operator during the Battalion’s AT, overseeing the successful recovery of three vehicles during FTX.
  • Provided supervision to a team of 30 mechanics, ensuring all work was completed safely and within the designated timelines.
  • Supervised 11 Soldiers in providing driver’s training, performing PMCS, and maintaining vehicles at a Fully Mission Capable status of 100%.
  • Made significant contributions to sustaining unit equipment readiness, playing a direct and immediate role in the success of the Rough Rider mission.
  • Conducted numerous Battalion Leaders Maintenance classes, greatly enhancing the quality of the Battalion’s maintenance program.
  • Collaborated with sister sections to adjust schedules and work around manning shortfalls, successfully meeting maintenance goals.
  • Demonstrated initiative and performed all required duties in the absence of the company motor sergeant.
  • Trained 20 junior enlisted Soldiers in their Warrior Task Training and technical fields, effectively enhancing their skills and knowledge.
  • Provided training and supervision to seven mechanics in troubleshooting, repair, and servicing of various MRAP series vehicles and the M984 wrecker.
  • Went above and beyond primary MOS responsibilities by maintaining generators to ensure the completion of the mission.
  • Set up the Tactical and Logistical Operating Centers during Annual Training at Camp Custer State Park, contributing to a successful training exercise.
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