Senior Leader Course (SLC) Duty Descriptions

Role of 68W58 Course Manager

In the position of 68W58 Course Manager, this individual serves as the Senior Small Group Leader (SGL) and facilitator for over 720 NCOs who attend the Senior Leader Course (SLC) on an annual basis. They supervise 8 SGLs and bring tactical and technical knowledge by applying current doctrine and lessons learned. Their responsibilities include conducting training in Leadership, Resource Management, Operations, and relevant Staff NCO Development Exercises. They also facilitate discussions on Career Management Field subjects. Additionally, they serve as the detachment 1SG and are accountable for the health, welfare, morale, professional development, Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) performance, and training of assigned personnel. They provide advice to the Commander on enlisted matters, promotions, maintaining and enforcing standards, accountability, standard compliance, and the monitoring and enforcement of maintenance standards.

Role of Small Group Leader/11B38

This individual serves as a Small Group Leader at the _____ Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg Noncommissioned Officer Academy in North Carolina. They are responsible for the supervision, advisement, and training of 96 students annually. The training consists of 170 academic hours spread over 22 days, covering areas such as physical fitness, leadership skills, and NCO responsibilities. They conduct weekly counseling and evaluation sessions, ensuring the order, discipline, and standards within the Noncommissioned Officer Academy are maintained. Moreover, they are accountable and responsible for classroom equipment valued over $90,000.

Role of Small Group Leader/MP BOLC

As the Small Group Leader for the Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course, this individual provides physical and tactical training to future Platoon Leaders. They handle the operational and logistical support for the 17-week course and coordinate and schedule 800 hours of instruction encompassing 138 lessons for an annual class of 200 Army, Marine, and International Military Police Officers. In addition to representing the NCO Corps, they establish Platoon Sergeant/Platoon Leader relationships with newly commissioned Lieutenants. They also bear the responsibility of ensuring the accountability of $200K worth of equipment and supplies.

Role of Small Group Leader/NCOA

In the position of Small Group Leader at the NCO Academy, this individual keeps the student NCO Support Channel informed about squad/team members who require assistance with any problems they may be facing. They conduct checks on each member of the squad/team during first call to ensure they are awake and preparing for the first formation. Throughout the day, they continue to check the squad/team during all formations to ensure that all members are present and in proper uniform. Maintaining 100% accountability of squad/team members at all times is a priority for them. They also fulfill additional duties as directed.

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