Security Escort Duty Descriptions

Security Escort

The individual serves as a security escort and maintains the necessary security clearance to access all spaces. Their primary role is to facilitate visits by outside agencies while ensuring the protection and prevention of unauthorized access or observation of classified material or information. They augment established security programs, policies, and procedures and enforce security protocols during construction projects. Their responsibilities include preventing the compromise of classified material and limiting access to specified areas only to authorized personnel.

Force Protection Security Escort

The individual serves as a Force Protection security escort and is responsible for escorting and maintaining positive control of visitors and contractors. They screen employees, visitors, and contractor personnel for access to buildings, facilities, or designated areas. Maintaining situational awareness of facility vulnerabilities is a key aspect of their role. They coordinate with Security Forces personnel and maintain a roster of authorized personnel. Additionally, they review and evaluate security escort procedures, keep records of all accesses, and promptly report any lapses or breaches of security.

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